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Ayariga's Handing Over Note.

It is crystal clear from all indications that the embattled, pampered, prodigal son of late president Mills of blessed memories, is indeed in hot waters. The unguided, misinformation minister and one time gofer at the castle, is shamefully and secretly preparing his handing over note as a law maker.

Having unmasked his wicket, divide and rule, bragging and his treachery face to the good people of Bawku, the only thing that this captain of the ‘babies with hard teeth’ team in the N D C can do, is to betray the diehard supporters and sympathizers of the Rawlings’s founded N D C in Bawku as a strategy to secure his seat. But let me hasten to school this shameful bachelor of a saying that: if one prays that his opponent will not score ten goals, s/he either will not also score the ninth one.

Having coached and led a team of nonentities and cowards against the N D C’s founder, the disgraced and dishonorable Member of Parliament for Bawku, Mahama Ayariga; have been awarded with a ministerial position, probably to continue with his terrorist agenda against the Rawlingses. Mr. M P: If guinea fowls are bought in this country for 15million, how come you bought your two tractors at 10,000? HMM I wish the spirit of those who died in this country out off bad Governance will haunt stomach politicians like you. Mr.Ayariga shamefully lost the Bawku seat in the 2008 election to the N P P’s Adamu Dramani Sakande; now ex-convict - due to his bragging, disrespect and the fact that people in Bawku lost hope and trust in him. As penitent as he is, he was however, voted back to the law making house due to the incarceration of the N P P’s Dramani Sakande and the fact that supporters of Mr. Issahaku and others for the sake of the party, joined his campaign trail. Unfortunately, Ayariga rewarded them nicely by totally betraying them.

In the run up to the 2012 parliamentary primaries of the N D C, Mr. Ayariga’s divide and rule tactics were fully employed against his only contender. Mr. Ayariga deceived delegates in to believing that his only contender, one Issaku [the youth favorite] was a prominent member of FONKAR and that if he gets to parliament, he will not be considered for a ministerial portfolio. By this, he was able to get his way through alongside his rolling of African dollars. Is it crystal clear that as a political hypocrite and coward as he is, Ayariga abhor challenge and will do everything possible to always make sure that potential M P aspirants are painted black! Many were those who laid down their dear lives in Bawku, only to make sure that, the N D C retains power as well as he[ Ayariga] making it to parliament , but it will shock you to know that this coward has betrayed all of them as far as the appointment of the M C E for Bawku is concern. Knowing very well that a potential M P aspirant will oust him come next parliamentary primaries, he decided to opt for an anti N D C sycophant. Dear reader, do not get me wrong, am not saying that Mr. Ayariga holds the power to appoint and fire an M/M D C E, but it is an open secret that, he would have been consulted in his capacity as an M P for the area. Information available has it that, Mr. Ayariga told president Mahama that all the other aspirants are KUSSASIS, and that if any of them is made an M C E, chances are that, the chronic Bawku conflict will be renewed. What a foolish advice. He has forgotten that when his errant boy [Musah Abdulai- his bachelor counterpart] a kussasi, was made the M C E, Bawku enjoyed the peace that it has been yearning for. Ayariga should tell us that, he wouldn’t be match to the other M C E contenders as far as 2016 parliamentary primaries of the N D C is concern, hence his mischief. It is time; this man stops his dirty tribal politics. Anyway, a butterfly calls itself a bird. Dear reader, Am glad to share with you the first paragraph of Ayariga’s handing over note; it read:

Oh forgive me; good people of Bawku. I have fooled you for too long. I have deceived you for too long. I have now been unmasked, so I think it is time for me to hand over. To my contenders, I have betrayed you so badly. Please forgive me. I am making frantic effort to glance through the full note; if I do, I will share it with you.

Haruna Sumaila Abugri. abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com.
Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.