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Ayawaso Central: We deserve better

Our leaders are failing us gradually, little did I know that we'll be left clashing each other towards the end of the exercise.

Irrespective of the abnormal times that has been preached everywhere, we came out in our numbers to serve the nation, but our efforts seem to be rendered dissatisfactory.

The very best moment to place ourselves into each other's shoes, with love and compassion, but all has faded away.

We started everything with ghost mindset and conviction that this will be specially packaged, we later felt it reality when we heard and read from the media that insurance covers and other packages are in the pipeline, but all has been shattered no withstanding.

It seems our lives dose not matter anymore, irrespective of the risk-nature of our work, the victimization we received from the masses, the beatings and harassment, and there comes the dreadful pandemic.

It's unfortunate this is happening in 'Ayawaso Central', where the electoral supervisors and their leader or leaders are hell bent to cheat us and deprive us of our exact allowances.

The second issue of greater interest, is the amount of days we are going to be paid for, the leaders in our group have vehemently declared that they are just going to pay 30 days as against the 36 days we are going to work, this is share wickedness and greed. Our other colleagues in the other electoral areas are enjoying the stipulated allowances and benefits. Theres too much clandestine behaviour from our electoral supervisors and their leaders in the Ayawaso Central.

Madam Jean Mensah, I understand the whole registration process involves 5 phases and we've 32 teams for the exercise in Ayawaso Central.

Buh during the 1st and 2nd week of the exercise only 16 teams worked in Ayawaso Central until the 3rd week when we were splited. Now for that period the commission knows there was a smooth flow of work in all centers nationwide, thus all 32 teams were working in ayawaso Central ... so where is the payment for the 16 teams going since they were supporting during that period?

Perhaps my opinion is wrong, I stand to be corrected. The allowances and other incentives must be clarified now, because this is not morally and ethically right. As we speak we have not signed any contract regarding our service we are rendering.

Please come to our aid, the exercise is coming to an end in a matter of 3 days, we beseech you to call the supervisors and the leaders to book in the Ayawaso Central. We deserve better.
Columnist: Lisa Brown
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