Be wise, seasons change

Life1 File photo: The writer admonishes us to be careful and be wise because seasons truly change

Wed, 20 Oct 2021 Source: Reindolf Amankwa

Life is lived by principles. One of such principles which no man/woman can undo regardless of his or her physical and or spiritual power and authority is the change in seasons. Truly, SEASONS CHANGE.

You just have to be very circumspect about what you say to the people you meet in this journey of life and be equally mindful of how you treat the people around you. No man, at any time, can determine what lies ahead of us all in the next second of time and life.

Historical records available for our learning and correction have proven to us that, even slaves, those of the men and women who were once chained and bruised could rise to become masters.

There is nothing like being on top forever or being at the bottom forever. Time and chance, according to the Scriptures of old, happen to us all.

Seasons truly change so be careful and be wise in the dispensation of power and authority, even in dispensing service to leadership. Time and chance happen to both the leader and the follower.

Columnist: Reindolf Amankwa