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Beware of the strangers you marry to avoid unfortunate premature deaths – Ghanaian women

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Thu, 14 Oct 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

The pain and anger within my heart over the callous assassination of a young Ghanaian lady by her foreign lover in a foreign country can neither abate nor be explained.

A young Ghanaian lady who had been dating an Eastern European man, at a point in time decided to marry him. However, the marriage could not come on due to the refusal of the British authority to recognize the immigrant status of the man in England. The man was an illegal immigrant, so to speak.

Following Britain exiting from the European Union in what became the Brexit, obliging many a European Union member who was not British or had applied for settlement in the United Kingdom to leave for their country of origin, the lover of now decedent Ghanaian lady had to quit Britain. He moved to his Eastern European country, Albania to be precise.

The woman decided to pay him a visit about six days ago. Barely had she arrived in Albania that her would-be husband, murdered her. She was knifed about ten times to drop dead on the scene, it is alleged.

While on route to Albania and on her arrival, she maintained constant phone calls with her parents. However, the parents could no longer establish contact with her a day or so after her arrival. They were only to learn about the death of their beloved daughter through a journalist or the media on or about Sunday, 10th October 2021.

The father and their church pastor had to leave on Monday, 11 October 2021, for Albania to find out exactly what happened and then to arrange for the body to be repatriated to the United Kingdom for burial.

Going to a foreign land unknown to you presents its own problems to the father. He will have to seek the assistance of the Ghana consulate, then the police, in such unchartered territory.

My heart goes to the family.

A piece of advice to our Ghanaian children born here in the white man’s land. Please, do not choose partners from countries other than where you live or were born or come from in Ghana. If you want to choose from other countries or those of other nationalities, please try as much as you can to avoid those from Eastern European countries.

My interactions and experience with those of Eastern European background prove that they have little love and respect for black people. They are racist towards black people and even if they had their own way, they will drive black people away from Western Europe or the entire white man’s land.

Their racist behaviour and disrespect toward black people could border on the fact that they had been caged in communism, restricted from travelling outside their countries of origin for far too long. They never knew and had never met black people before until former Soviet Union President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev introduced his “perestroika”.

The implementation of “perestroika” finally culminated in the dissolution of the Soviet Union, thereby liberating the Eastern European countries from communist strangulation and restrictions.

Once liberated from the strangulation of Soviet Union communism, they started joining the European Union. Subsequently, most of their nationals migrated to Western European countries like Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. When they came, they found black people already living in the Western European countries, integrated into their culture.

Nevertheless, most of these new Eastern European immigrants have always assumed that Europe is theirs hence the black people had better be deported to Africa. This is how racists they are. They think they easily blend into the Western European by virtue of their skin colour more than black people.

Therefore, black people can marry those of Western European origin and will be much safer since they have known and lived with black people for centuries than to marry those from the Eastern European countries. If you do marry any, please take extra precautions when visiting their country.

The lover who killed the Ghanaian woman under discussion also jumped from the eighth (8th) floor of the apartment block where they were on to his death as soon as he killed her.

The little information trickling into my knowledge tells that committing suicide has been within the man’s family. The family is suicide-jinxed. His grandfather and father did commit suicide.

Finally, should I emphasize the need for us to resort to the Ghanaian custom of conducting extensive investigations into the background of both the man and the woman’s families before giving their children’s hands in marriage? If we did, we can avoid the situation of our children marrying into murders, mad-prone people, and thieves’ families, to avoid the occurrences of the type of unfortunate situation under discussion.

Such investigatory could help us establish if there is a genetic mental health disorder running through a particular family to inform us whether to let our children marry into such families or not.

I know the family that has lost their dear daughter and sister. We were all once members of the same Pentecost Church in Paris (France) before moving to Britain over twenty years ago.

In order not to aggravate their pain, but to condole with them in this most difficult time of theirs, I shall not mention them or disclose where they live in the United Kingdom.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to them and the entire bereaved family at this critical time of their life. As a father and a grandparent, I can feel their pain if I put my foot in their shoe.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo