Opinions Wed, 10 Mar 2004

Letter From The President: Insults all the way

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents,

What is this I hear about Tony Aidoo insulting me. I have asked for a recording of the interview in question so I could determine whether he really insulted me or not. I have still not had the privilege of hearing the insult for myself. So am ok.

I don?t care much about whether he insulted me or not. Or should I? Tony Aidoo will not be the first to insult me neither will he be the last. Since I assumed the Black Star Stool, I have borne the brunt of public ridicule almost everyday. I am used to it now because it?s all part of the package of being the only excellent one in the country. In fact, excellent ones get insulted everyday in every country of the world.

Before I became the excellent one, I used to cast aspersions on Jerry Boom. I still do and I enjoy doing so.

Columnist: Fukuor, J. A.