Opinions Fri, 13 Apr 2012

Biometric Registration Exercise creating Beasts in Odododiodoo

The objective of the Biometric registration is in disarray. The proponents of the exercise, the NPP, had intended to eschew multiple registration with concomitant multiple voting during national elections by the conception and subsequent introduction of this very exercise. They believe in fairness of every Ghanaian having one vote to cast during an election instead of several as pertained under the existing, about-to-be made defunct method of voters' registration. However, the resurfacing of the gargantuan bestiality in some, sorry to say, animals clothed in human skins are impacting negatively on the exercise, therefore, rendering it more of a curse than a blessing.

The desperation by the most incompetent, corrupt, clueless and lawless government ever to exist in the annals of Ghana's politics to cling to power come Election December 7, 2012 makes the matter worse. They are doing whatever is feasible within their animalistic reasoning contrary to the obvious, to rig the elections even at the registration level.

Why are the NDC sycophants, activists or foot soldiers resorting to violence to scare away possible registrant voters? If truly, President Mills' government has achieved unprecedented laudable feats, as their clueless propagandists are touting, why then are they exhibiting this repugnant jungle-like intimidation directed at preventing people from registering, let alone voting. Defeat is staring ominously scarily in the face of President Mills and his NDC government hence, seeing a ray of little hope if they resort to jungle tactics, the field of their speciality.

Nii Lante Vanderpuiye, the NDC parliamentary aspirant for Odododiodoo Constituency in Accra who doubles as Aide to President Mills typifies the provocative, prohibitively condemnable evils involved with the biometric voter's registration. He has become a macho man haunted by the objectionable failure, incompetence and corruptibility of his NDC government to behave irresponsibly. He fears by allowing people to register genuinely at Odododiodoo where he is a contestant on the ticket of NDC will cost him the winning votes to scupper his dream to becoming a parliamentarian. He is resolutely determined to win the seat for himself and the NDC by behaving worse than a wounded lion mustering all courage to put up a last minute "do or die" or "do and die" fight.

The police must arrest Nii Lante Vanderpuiye for being a law unto himself. He is flaunting the Electoral laws with impunity. No, wonder therefore that it is alleged President Mills rewards lawless NDC persons when their committed acts are favourable towards the expectations and aspirations of the NDC. He is a total disgrace to the very womb that conceived him considering his unrepentant lawless attitude. Is there not any man in Ghana to stand up to this coward hiding behind the weakness of President Mills, the nonchalance and partiality of the security forces and the utter political ignorance or immaturity of Ghanaians to cause body harm to others?

I listened to Ursula Owusu recounting her bashing ordeal suffered under the hands of some likely NDC thugs when she went to Odododiodoo on Wednesday 11 April 2012. Inferring from her on air narration of events leading to, during, and after her physical subjection to beatings, the ten-strongman police present folded their arms around their chest and just watched. They did nothing to rescue her from the NDC gangsters. Are the police not being partisan or politicized by the most incompetent current NDC government presided over by President Mills? I also listened to an assembly member in Odododiodoo who expressed the view of getting NDC macho men to Odododiodoo to counteract any attempt by NPP to ensure their supporters living or working in Odododiodoo are registered.

President Mills is a typical daydreamer who builds castles in the air. Corrupt, incompetent, biased and mediocre as his government are, he still believes as stupid as Ghanaians are, they will give them a second four year term in office come December 7, 2012.

Finally, what are the Electoral Commission doing about the atypical machismo threatening behaviour directed at disenfranchising some otherwise eligible voters by recalcitrant NDC men like Nii Lante Vanderpuiye. Is the Electoral Commission also corrupt, partisan and politicized? If no, then Dr. Afari Gyan must stand his grounds to ensure fair registration and elections.

On verra bien!

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson