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Biometric Voter's Registration Exposes ....Part 11

The Biometric Voter's Registration Exposes the Dishonesty, Incompetence and Corruptibility of the Electoral Commission - Part 11

I am still on his case. Many for failing abysmally to live up to expectation concerning Election 2012 may accuse the Electoral Commissioner, my old Ghanaian compatriot, Dr Afari Gyan. From empirical observations, the Electoral Commissioner may appear not to be showing any strength of character. He is not displaying any decisive authority or any convincing signs of firm dedication to duty, to ensuring Ghanaians conduct the impending December 7, 2012 elections in a free and fair manner. Just at his own backyard, that is, Odododiodoo constituency in Accra, one ignoble Mr Nii Lante Vanderpuiye, an NDC parliamentary aspirant desirous to win the seat on the ticket of the NDC regardless the odds, is causing total mayhem.

Mr Afari Gyan is very much aware of the most deplorably abusive strategy adopted by Nii Lante Vanderpuiye to win the seat at all costs. Nii Lante Vanderpuiye, a Presidential Aide to President Mills is disenfranchising any Akan-name bearing Ghanaian from registering at any electoral ward in Odododiodoo. He intimates through reiteration that such individuals are non-Gas and they do not live in Odododiodoo. The very people he has successfully chased out from the various registration centres in Odododiodoo do work or have their businesses there.

The entirety of the Electoral Commission is funnily behaving like Ostrich. They have their heads deeply and comfortably buried in the sand as though nothing destructive is happening when actually, Nii Lante Vanderpuiye, a law unto himself, is illegally hounding non-Gas out of registration centres in Odododiodoo.

Mr. Afari Gyan could have earned my respect if he had served a warning notice on Nii Lante Vanderpuiye that he risks suspension of his candidacy from contesting that parliamentary seat if he continued with his abusive usurpation and distorted application of electoral regulations. He has done nothing decisive to compel that rouge clad in NDC's lawlessness to cease his anti-Akan and his cunning ploys to win the Odododiodoo parliamentary seat on a silver platter.

The perceived nonchalance attitude by those in authority including the Electoral Commissioner, to Nii Lante Vanderpuiye's intimidation of innocent registrant-voters compelled Hon Kennedy Agyapong to react in a manner deemed inappropriate by many. Latter-day Saints are happily crucifying Kennedy for overreacting emotionally to Vanderpuiye's madness while the mad dog himself is on the loose infecting people with rabies. How fair is that? Moreover, who is to blame?

Moreover, the inferior China-made biometric machines were not synchronised before the Electoral Commission put them in service. If they had, there would not be chance or loophole for greedy individuals to register more than once. What were people crying for when they insisted on biometric verification if there was still going to be the possibility of individuals voting more than once?

Can Ghanaians rely on the almost dysfunctional China-made machines to guarantee rigging-free registration let alone rigging-free voting? Rumours came out that the NDC had tasked some experts to find out how they, the NDC, can win the elections many weeks before the Electoral Commission rolled out the biometric voter's registration exercise. Same rumours had it that the NDC had had a secret meeting with the Head of ICT at the Electoral Commission at a secluded place at the outskirts of Accra. The meeting was probably to lure the Head of ICT to their side for what reason only God knows. Let me however serve a note of warning to any would-be perpetrator harbouring dubious intentions to rig the elections that their plans will never materialise if they are to do with manipulating information electronically. I have not been residing in Europe, to be more precise, the Long John Silver's island for nothing. I will apply the wisdom so acquired to thwart any evil intentions anybody, be it the incumbent President, the NDC, the NPP or the Electoral Commission, has about rigging the election in their favour. The genuine choice of the people must prevail without any fraudulent intervention of some sort by anyone.

Mr Afari Gyan has no reason to justify the shoddy work associated with the registration exercise by sweepingly blaming it on susceptibility of machines breaking down in general. He went for cheaper product without any forethought about their efficiency and reliability to meeting the fullest expectations of their purchase. It is about time he corrected the unfolding problems about the machines and the entire biometric voter's registration exercise before discerning Ghanaians accuse him of causing an unprecedented gargantuan election fraud in the history of "Ama" Ghana.

I can see nothing other than complete display of incompetence, dishonesty and lack of dedication to duty by the Electoral Commissioner and his team.

I invite all logical-thinking Ghanaians to join me in my crusade to fight to ensure fairness; justice and tranquillity prevail before, during, and after the December 7, 2012 elections. I want anyone with counter argument convincing enough to render my case useless to challenge me. Is there anyone lurking in the woods to challenge me? No, there is no challenger. I have spoken the gospel truth so there is no need for anyone to challenge me. Hallelujah! Amen.

In God, I trust! I require of you intercessory prayers to God Almighty to grant me good health and longevity to live to fight the good cause of liberating Ghana from the tentacles of evil politicians and their agents. I shall be back!

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson