Bishop Obinim labeled Ghana as ‘useless’ country

Obinim Dubai 1 Bishop Daniel Obinim is having fun with his wife outside Ghana

Sun, 1 Jul 2018 Source: ghpage.com

Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has just labelled Ghana as a useless country.

Despite the fact that, Ghana has always been run by people with little or no clue about governance, with no sense of direction and no strong plans for the country.

According to him, everything in the country is on the high side and citizens of the country also find fault with everything that people do.

He indicated that he had to pay almost five billion old cedi’s after he had imported his Rolls Royce; an amount which would have been less if he was in Togo and other countries.

The Angel of our time noted that it is only in Ghana that Pastors are expected to live like Lazarus, you have people complaining about how I get my money while forgetting the suffering I go through,’ he added.

He wondered why Ghanaians think pastors who have been blessed with wealth like himself should be condemned and mocked at just because they have worked hard for their money.

Obinim who was sad to be a citizen of Ghana said he would have loved to relocate to another country had it not been for his Church members he loves dearly, and the good things the Almighty God has sent him to win souls for him. On the contrary, he listed four countries he preferred to have lived his life ‘America, China, Dubai, and Europe (France, Germany, Spain)’ etc.

The controversial preacher has often been in the news after he had added another brand new car to his fleet.

His latest Rolls Royce ‘Ghost Series II’ certainly tops all of his other brands of cars. The Porsche car is the first that Angel has bought in 2018 and it is estimated at about $300,000.

Source: ghpage.com
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