Death the most arrogant

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Thu, 30 Mar 2017 Source: Sulemana Mohammed

By: Sulemana Mohammed

A Brother is dead and gone and Brothers and sisters and displaying their plastic love and kindness! How many of us visited the late when they were alive and hospitalized? How many of us called to check on them how they were doing? How many of us paid their bills when they needed that paid? Are you surprised about death and its eye-opener? Don't you think your condolences and solace are becoming pleonasm for saying these same statements everyday?

Isn't your whammies getting you older and killed quicker for its continues rehearsals? Isn't death teaching you some seminar to change towards creation (Brothers and sisters)? You still hate your Brother, friend, Sister, and etcetera. You still hold grudge even with the dead! Won't you change? Don't you feel the signs of death? Don't you know it could be you in the next click?

You still hate someone because your mother/father has influenced you! You hate a brother/sister because he's more brainy than you! You hate him because he's won the competition. You don't want to hear about him because he's so crafty in his actions. Won't you change? Why do you want to continue with a negative energy? You don't know what #LOVE is. Why not pick a phone,call someone who cheated you sometime ago just to say I'm checking on you? Why buying all those guns and ammunition? What for? Don't tell me to even kill animals!!! Why not think about bringing a Positive change to your community? Why not seeing poverty as your greatest enemy? Why not help the orphans? Why not pay school fees for some poor people in your community? Why not give food to your security man to eat and not only your dog? Why killing animals in the name of meat? Won't you be kind to a life? Could you get some clean water for the village folks to drink? You hate your uncle for not helping you and now you paying his kids back same way.

The more shocks you get from sudden deaths will kill you quickly. Get stronger in loving Brothers and sisters! Get used to the sudden deaths. Help your Brothers and sisters. Change your communities, start loving if you don't know what Love is,find it. Don't get weary of Loving them! Love them even if they hate you!

Sulemana Mohammed aka

Sulley Kone

Columnist: Sulemana Mohammed