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Blame not the military for the recent fatal incidents but the partisan and politically polarized yobs

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Wed, 7 Jul 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghana is on a slippery slope to anarchy, all caused by the citizens’ absurd infatuation with extreme partisanship and political polarization in the face of weak enforcement of the laws of the land.

In the name of politics and some people’s resolute determination to rule the country by hook or by crook, there has been a constant instigating of the youth and some adults to cause unnecessary and baseless tensions in the country.

The youth of Ghana and some crafty, but actually brainless political opportunists, are always on the beat seeking to make the nation ungovernable for the sitting president and his government, all for their selfish, thoughtless, and corrupt anticipations.

It is a fact that the Ghana police for many obvious reasons, among which are their despicable love of corruption and amenability, have lost their respect. Many a Ghanaian does neither any longer fear, nor respect the police uniform.

Subsequently, their presence at any crowd-control event for any reason whatsoever is not felt by the crowd. They are completely disregarded by the crowd who oftentimes are yobs and political opportunists meant to cause havoc in the nation all for achieving their malicious political agenda, as malevolent as they are.

When the police are rendered weak, the military must step in to maintain peace and order before laws are completely broken down to make the nation ungovernable for the citizens, only to see the lawless opportunists having a field day. This is not on!

It is absolutely wrong on the part of any citizen, especially the so-called Ghanaian security experts, Members of Parliament, and political leaders, to believe, and propagate the false notion that the military is there only to protect the nation and her citizens against external aggressions but have nothing to do with the internal security of the nation.

People had better upgrade their knowledge on the role the military can play in this contemporary era; and what they are doing in other jurisdictions in events of national upheavals of any sort.

I have always drawn on and cited my experience of, the French dealing with terrorist activists inside France where the military and the police come together to fight it to bring peace and tranquillity to the people.

Where the police are overwhelmed by a disaster or problem with the potential to cause larger and varied disasters to the nation and the people, the military is invited to help end the problem.

In Ghana, the partisan youths and their adults with their selfish and crafty political instigators or masterminds, have always been taking to silly actions tailored towards making the sitting president and his ruling government not only unpopular but also, the nation becoming ungovernable.

Such yobbish attitudes and actions are in a larger scheme to cause many problems to the nation and the innocent persons.

When the police are incapable of dealing with such situations due to the overwhelming numbers of the people causing the problem and their brazen behavior to confront the police head-on, the military had better step in to forestall the riots to help maintain peace and order.

If the rioters for their malevolence decide to confront the military, the military has only to deal with the situation to let the rioters understand that there is the need for peace to prevail in any nation of human beings.

Even if peace can prevail in like-minded animals in the animal kingdom, thus, the jungle, why can’t peace be allowed to prevail in the land of humans without the usual silly Ghanaian political partisanship and polarization?

Ghana cannot, and should not, lose all its means of maintaining peace and order in the country. If the police have proven themselves incapable and unable to enforce public order, the military shouldn’t become the same by the purposeful mischievous public outcries incited by some political miscreants.

Who does not know that a clueless, most corrupt, myopic, and incompetent political party is behind all the unnecessary yobbish tensions ongoing in the country?

Much as I do not support the unfortunate deaths that have occurred in the country under the hands of the military since election 2020, I will not reprimand them either. Rather, the yobs and their masters are to be blamed.

Ghana is not for the few corrupt and crafty leaders who will do whatever it takes to derail one government to come to power.

How I would love to see a heavy-handed, farsighted and honest leader like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda ruling Ghana. Under him, the nonsenses as are often instigated by obvious political miscreants to derail the long-term economic prosperity of Ghana will never dare happen.

And, no individual, will ever dare allow themselves to be instigated to do the stupid things as are ongoing in Ghana by some political youths.

Whenever the yobbish youth and their political influencers stand up brazenly, stupidly confrontational to the military, the soldiers must deal with them as the situation demands without budging to any mischievous partisanship outcries.

We cannot afford the military becoming weak and disrespected as the police are, for evil to thrive in Ghana to the detriment of all.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo