Bribery to convince Ghanaian voters should be made criminal by the parliament

Voters In Ghana File photo of a woman casting her vote

Sun, 12 Jun 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Why is it that everything about Africa is so horrible, and nothing works there? Many people ask this question, but the reality is that we can't continue to blame colonial masters, Apartheid regimes, slavery, or whatever man-made diseases were created to devastate the continent because our leaders don't care about our past tragedies, so they have no choice but to let the common Africans suffer for their greed.

If the kind of politics that these corrupt politicians are proud of in Africa, such as what we are seeing under the current Ghanaian government, were to be replicated in developed countries, Europe and the United States of America would not have been such beautiful continents with fast-growing economies to attract tourism.

Crime is unavoidable in both developing and wealthy countries, but although attempts are made to decrease it in rich countries, it is a different story in Africa, where corruption has become a common occurrence in everything, including politics, with impunity.

Who in their right mind would openly declare to the public, "I paid at least GH1,000 to each delegate on Election Day, but I lost." Robert Asare Bediako, a defeated New Patriotic Party politician who lost his campaign to become the party's Ashanti Region Chairman, claims that despite paying money to voters to improve his chances of winning, he still lost?

As previously stated, nothing works on that continent, everything is possible because, if Ghana had been a serious country with an effective judiciary system and no corrupt judges, as Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, Mr. Bediako should have been arrested for confessing such a crime and should have been barred from politics after serving his prison sentence.

I am a black man; no matter how long I reside in a foreign country, I am still an African, therefore when it comes to disrespect, prejudice, and biased theories directed at black people, it affects me as well. However, the truth is that we Africans have contributed to and are accountable for our ongoing misery.

No matter how deep or long our precious resources are used to develop Europe and America, Africans will never be seen as equal human beings to other races; rather, we should expect to be treated as subhuman beings by the developed world because our politicians have given the power to the developed world, such as Britain and the United States of America, to treat black people like animals. Animals are treated better than black people in many places in the developed world.

"I was paid to step down for Wontumi – ModernGhana reference," said the same Robert Asare Bediako on May 8, 2022. Mr. Bediako revealed collecting money from party leaders to announce support for Wontumi in the 2018 polls in an interview with the State Broadcasting Cooperation on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

If he has claimed this, why has he gone to such lengths as to give money to voters in order to increase his chances of defeating Mr. Benard Antwi Boasiako, the NPP politician known as Wotumi? This is absurd, and the paper goes on to say that Mr. Bediako is concerned about the growing trend of monetization in political domains during elections. What a knucklehead?

What is happening in Ghana today is not politics; Ghanaians are only witnessing the scramble for Ghana's wealth, just as colonial masters scrambled over Africa; that political unrest and the impact of treasure looting on the African continent are the same phenomena occurring in Ghana today, the reason everything has fallen apart in that country, and ordinary people are calling for salvation.

There can never be any salvation for ordinary Ghanaians now or tomorrow because there is no Ghanaian leader with a magic wand to heal Ghana after Akufo Addo. I'm not sure where all the intelligent Ghanaians have gone before understanding how far the country has sunk. It's either suspended from a thin rope or just has two of its four wheels turning.

It perplexes me, even more, when I learn that the NPP will break the eight-year streak. I'm not sure what they'll use, but it'll probably be a hammer or a caterpillar because I'm not a tribal bigot who wants to give an abysmal government false hope; more importantly, I've lived long enough in a developed country to know the difference between true politics for the people and politics based solely on accumulating of wealth.

Columnist: Joel Savage