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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: And Yvonne Nelson gave birth to an ugly baby – Perhaps, a bastard even

I am certain this article and headline will on the face of it upset some people—those who would miss the essence of this conversation, which applauds honesty and respect, and ridicules calculated deceit.

In July 2017, one of my reliable sources close to Ghanaian Actress-Yvonne Nelson told me that, the actress was pregnant. He had met her a few days before that and Yvonne Nelson’s own friend had also confirmed it to him.

Following this, GhanaCelebrities.Com published an exclusive, claiming that Yvonne Nelson was pregnant which was further carried by almost every media outlet in Ghana.

Irrespective of the wide circulation of this welcoming news which was true, Yvonne Nelson denied it with every drop of blood in her, with some of her friends rallying behind her to discredit the pregnancy report.

In fact, since then, Yvonne Nelson has turned to the absurd yet cunning tactics of posting her old photos on Instagram and other social media platforms, all to get people to believe that she was not pregnant—by presenting these old photos as current.

Even on SnapChat, she has failed to show her full body and maintained she had just put on weight—once again, never at any point accepting that she was indeed pregnant.

That’s what most Ghanaian Celebrities do: with no sense of respect for true news, the media and fans, they continue to lie in the face of obvious fact.

If a celebrity is indeed pregnant and a media house obtained an exclusive on this anywhere in a civilised world, the celebrity, even if she intended to hide her pregnancy would accept the veracity of the news and not attempt to make everyone including reliable journalists or bloggers seem like they do not know what they are talking about.

So Yvonne Nelson maintained that she was not pregnant—and I have decided to believe she was not pregnant too.

And then came news earlier this week that she has given birth. How can someone who was not pregnant ever give birth? That’s stupid and it defiles the natural order.

On the back of the same reasoning, how can Yvonne Nelson even give birth to an UGLY Bastard? She was not pregnant, she has not given birth—and therefore my claim that she has given birth to an UGLY bastard can never be inappropriate or offensive.

It’s same as me saying; the most useless President in the world is my second wife. That’s senseless, pure gibberish; because I do not have a second wife, let alone for her to become a President of any country in the world.

So if you are a fan of Yvonne Nelson or a reasonable person reading this, in the absence of acceptance from Yvonne Nelson that she was ever pregnant (in fact she denied ever being pregnant), we cannot reasonably hold the conclusion that she has given birth—let alone to an UGLY bastard, hence this post is empty and can never be offensive.

It’s time our so-called Celebrities begin to respect the work of journalists and put their hands up when the truth, even if meant to stay behind the veil, is exposed. It is only those who accept facts and truth that ought to be accorded the decency of respect.

In Ghana, people will deny everything, even if caught on tape. That offensive culture of lies should be broken.

Dishonesty shouldn’t be encouraged but should be ridiculed with the classical British tools of sarcasm, satire and head-off attacks.

If you feel offended by this post, then you are doing so out of idiocy and dishonesty as there’s no legitimate grounds for anyone to be offended by it—considering the background.
Columnist: Chris-Vincent
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