Opinions Wed, 14 Nov 2012

Certainly, Rawlings has gone Bonkers

Rawlings is more confused now than ever before. Truly, a mad person or dog never is healed completely, so the wise people acknowledge.

How can Rawlings who bemoans the gargantuan official corruption within the current NDC government wish them absolute success in the upcoming election? For what does he take Ghanaians, the usual worthless imbeciles worthy of firing squad? He is kidding himself. Let me ask Rawlings a few questions. Mr. former President Rawlings, are you happy that your NDC party and government have dished out GHC51 Million to Alfred Agbesi Woyome for no work done? Are you happy that your NDC party and government have arranged with ghosts and foreign fraudsters to steal millions of Cedis from Mother Ghana? Are you still comfortable with the NDC Government Ministers aiding, abetting, and defending crooks to swindle millions of Cedis out of Mother Ghana? Do you actually sleep on pillow at night and if you do, how does it help with your dreams?

Rawlings has been moaning about the current NDC doing away with the cardinal pivots, Accountability, Probity and Transparency on which he formed and revolved the NDC. Are the principles now back up and operational with the advent of Caretaker President Mahama? I want Rawlings to be honest with himself and ask to know the achievements of the current NDC government, a government only operational on propaganda.

I am sure Rawlings is not very intelligent. His wife is more intelligent than he is. Has he forgotten the adage "once bitten twice shy?" Is he that stupid to fall into the same trap where after Mahama, Asiedu Nketiah etc. winning the election will again do worse things to him than before? I am sorry Rawlings is not exhibiting any appreciable level of intelligence.

The quest for power and fame has reduced Rawlings to some sort of a joke. I am sure the suffering Ghanaian masses are not stupid to re-elect the unprecedented corrupt government and party in the annals of Ghana politics because Rawlings has thrown his weight behind them. They are just the case of birds of the same feathers flocking together.

Please Ghanaians, do not allow the visionless NDC party and their entire membership to fool you. They can fool Rawlings because he has out of volition chosen to be less intelligent but not you. Choose to be proactive than reactive. Choose free education for yourself and offspring, the only gateway to future prosperity. Are the NDC mediocre not saying nothing is possible?

I call on all sensible Ghanaians who form the majority to vote for the NPP and Nana Akuffo-Addo for a better Ghana. All that the NDC are good at is Corruption and going round as aimless lots saying, "Free SHS education is not possible. He can't do it"

Rawlings needs a psychiatric help, I should think. He is either not stable-minded or seeking to take Ghanaians for fools. Has his family actually taken US$5 Million, as some people were alleging not long ago? I do not think so. However, his actions are quite weird to me. How does he expect Ghanaians to vote for the current incompetent, insatiably greed bastards in government? Unless he is himself seeking to become a sycophantic greedy bastard, he should not encourage anyone to vote for the NDC.

Is he not learning "nyansa" from Herbert Mensah? For lack of knowledge, my people perish. Go to the ant and learn his ways, Mr Rawlings. I advise all discerning Ghanaians to be as wise as the serpent. VOTE OUT THE NDC BY VOTING THE NPP AND NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO-ADDO.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson