Opinions Sat, 15 Dec 2018

Chris-Vincent writes: Salma Mumin, are all the wires firmly connected?

I recently wrote in an article that; the phrase ‘Ghanaian Celebrity’ has “become more of a slur because of those who are loosely bestowed with this title.”

Many years ago, people celebrated their birthdays with honour and dignity. Even those who were poor, would pose behind bottles of coke and fanta, wear their best attire and smile for the camera. Irrespective of the pixels of those photos and the tacky backgrounds, a look at any of them today brings this unique sense of pride and beautiful memories.

Today, we have become a generation of idiots, intellectually impaired and smugly arrogant in the face of our growing stupidity.

We’ve forgotten about the noble cause of searching for real happiness—by understanding virtue, the path to achieving happiness, as Socrates argued many years ago.

All we care about is social media followers and LIKES and sadly, many of these LIKES do not translate into money or anything valuable for a lot of the people on an aggressive hunt for them.

For Salma Mumin’s birthday, this is how she captured herself—an image I doubt will put a smile on her face many years to come, just as the ones our people took in the early 90s and 80s bring us today.

It’s difficult to see these things and put any words to them without being offensively contemptuous. And yet when you say it, a situation that repeats itself almost everyday with our lead women at the centre of it, you are said to be offending women.

Why, would anybody, a man or woman, do this and find it tasteful to the extent that she would out of appreciation share it on social media herself?

Sometimes, I just ask myself: how did we get here? There ought to be something fundamentally wrong with the wires…
Columnist: Chris-Vincent Agyapong