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Chris-Vincent writes: The stupidity of the side chick who recorded Ghana's National Security Minister

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Perhaps, I should start by stating that I belong to the increasing clan of globally immoral men—unrestrained by religious dogma or the hypocrisy of today’s society and its morals. I believe a person is allowed to do whatever unless prohibited by law.

Therefore, everything is a matter of personal choice when the law does not proscribe it.

When it comes to side chicks, I am mostly for these abused and over-marginalized women who step into the shadows of dawn, to provide exponentially important services to married men whose wives have become permanent wolves and by marriage occupy mundane sectors of their lives.

However, when one of such necessary, albeit socially regarded pariahs, behave in a manner that gives undeserving main chicks joy by embarrassing the man who takes daily risks for them, then that is an offence against the zeitgeist of this 21st-century informal arrangement.

And that’s exactly what the side chick who recorded and leaked a video of Ghana’s National Security Minister Albert Kan-Daapah has done.

In a video circulating on a social media, the Minister is seen modelling in his pyjamas, now called Dapaah wear on social, under the cunning instruction of his alleged side chick. The “big man”, believe to be having a private conversation with his woman, is seen in a tender but embarrassing manner–showcasing his body to this young voice.

It looks like an obvious set-up. In fact, that’s the plausible explanation for this—because why agree to date a man, and then turn around to disgrace him in a manner that both mythical Jezebel and Delilah would envy?

This is the sort of side chick who gives all the well serving and hardworking side chicks bad names and robs them of the little appreciation these jealous main chicks seek to permanently annihilate.

It’s further embarrassing because the National Security Minister seems to have no idea about the workings of some of these malevolent side chicks—as he didn’t even contemplate he was being recorded. Then again, love and lust are the only two things capable of making the smartest man in the room stupid.

Something must indeed kill a man.

Check out the video below

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