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‘Clergyman’ goes gaga

Social media has provided such an impetus to the transmission of words across the world that it has become necessary that those who have the opportunity to speak at public forums should be discreet in their discourses.

Public space remarks when made without consideration for their effects on the national interest can be counterproductive more so if these are shrouded in ethnocentric bigotry.

Unorthodox clergymen of the charismatic order should appreciate the power of their words in a social media driven world and conduct themselves in a manner which does not put societal peace at risk. After all, social media is at the beck and call of such words as presented by the clergy or those who pretend to be.

Prophet Badu Kobi has evoked ethnocentric sentiments among a cross section of people and this has left many discussing it in street side gossips. We are at a loss as to whether the man appreciates the implications of the remarks he made during his unhealthy sermons.

Preparing the grounds for an ethnocentric polemics on the airwaves, which is the goal of this clergyman, is inappropriate and, therefore, not commensurate with his position as a man who claims to be leading the flocks of Christ.

We are not in a position to determine who is a true man of God but can easily tell just like our compatriots across the country that those whose remarks are provocative and can derail the peace of the country.

If Prophet Kobi’s branding of Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women as unfit for marriage is intended to make him famous, we are sorry he has failed in his bid. He has rather gained a smelly notoriety unbecoming of a man who is expected to contribute towards the building of a peaceful society according to the dictates of God.

The aftermath of his unsolicited counsel against marrying from the aforementioned ethnic groups is anything but decorous. Fante, Ashanti and Ewe women are peeved and would rather the man who says he is a prophet can be schooled on public space oration.

Whatever research, if any, he conducted to arrive at his weird conclusion cannot be scientific. He sounds like someone who has married from the three ethnic groups – marital unions which flopped because perhaps the women could not contain him after a short spell of married life. That could be the basis for his negative impression about Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women.

Won’t it be interesting to find out the clergyman’s overall married life? He might have divorced three or even more women in his marital life to date.

Those who spew vituperations with ethnocentric colouration should, especially if they have pulpits at their disposal, deserve to be invited to be questioned by those who are responsible for monitoring the peace of society and ensuring its sustainability.

Prophet Kobi should be called to order. Licensing preachers might not be welcomed by many Ghanaians but one of the reasons for such calls is to ensure that ethnocentric polemics such as originating from this man do not gain grounds in a multilingual or cultural country.

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