Congratulations to our Bono Chiefs for these new appointments

Congratulations To Our Bono Chiefs Chiefs appointed by the Church of Pentecost to lead the chieftaincy ministry

Tue, 28 Sep 2021 Source: Charles Yeboah

Culture, we say is dynamic, and in the uniqueness of Ghanaian harmonious culture, another milestone has been reached.

Amongst Ghana's heritage that can't die with age or disaster of any ugliness is the Chieftaincy institution. From time immemorial, the noble institution has been the fulcrum of development and hope for the people, particularly the monarch enthusiasts. And this was manifested during the colonial time when an indirect rule passed through the gates of the palace. The people listen when their chiefs talk.

The palace served as the last resort to seek solace and justice, and the chief was God.

Amongst the Bono people, the cradle of the Akan culture, faith in the Bono Ancestral Worship and Spirituality (BAWAS), for centuries before the emergence of Islam and Christianity, imbedded in the people love and hospitality, which undergirds the identity of today's Democratic Republic of Ghana.

As a gateway into other cultures and traditions, the Bono culture is having a beautiful telling effect on the lives of people they come in contact with. Accommodating, embracing, coexistence, and unfettered liberties to proselytise faithful.

Today, displaying how amenable the Bono culture is, the very gods of the people, the noble chiefs are counted amongst faithful in the Abrahamic fraternity as Christians or Muslims.

And as influx, we humans evolve, another precious institution that holds high the Ghana flag to the farthest ends of the earth's religious arena, the Church of Pentecost (COP), is joining the ends of their cassock to the magnificent weaved Kente clothes of our Chiefs to send the Gospel through the palace and _"Possess the nation."_

And as remarked by the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, "this is aimed at dispelling the notion of evil fetishism associated with the Chieftaincy institution."

In that light, it has come with the inauguration of the Chieftaincy Ministry by the COP, with two Bono Chiefs at the lead of a 13 member committee; Pimapem Yaw Kabrese, Chief of the Yeji Traditional Area as the Chairman, and Odeneho Dr. Afram Berempong, Chief of the Suma Traditional Area as the secretary.

It goes with extraordinary beauty and blessing to have these hitherto two separate entities merge to save the perishing using the cross alongside the sword of authority.

In the belief of perpetual interest superseding permanent friends, as we congratulate the sides that saw this unique union, we hope and pray the desired results be remembered and celebrated in history with nostalgia and lasting blocks to show for emulation.

With a big thumbs-up to signal we are throwing our weights behind this novel unification for collective development, joint stakeholders for Bono progress, represented by Bonofie, Bowia Ensemble, and GlobalNet Think Tank say Ayekoo, congratulations to our noble Chiefs.

You were chosen for a purpose due to the qualities in you, and you'll have our backing in each and every turn you make in this new soul-saving assignment.

Across all religions, the unbreakable rope that undergirds our faithfulness is stretching a hand of love to the unloved, hope for the hopeless, and home for the homeless. This you've been called to do, may it please the good heavens that called you to duty and strengthen you to the end.

Columnist: Charles Yeboah