Coronavirus: Why less vaccination, few deaths in Africa and more vaccination, more deaths in developed countries

Blue Coronavirus The country is in the fourth wave of the pandemic

Tue, 18 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

There are many people worldwide, especially, the developed countries, protesting against the mandatory coronavirus vaccination, based on different reasons.

Many think even the virus doesn’t exist, while others think the vaccines are killing people.

In such arguments, I am not a scientist to confirm the truth or lies about vaccines, however, what I know is behind every pandemic, there are always lies and deceptions.

In the eighties when HIV-Aids hit the world, especially in Africa, the WHO and CDC told the world that monkeys brought from the Philippines to the United States were responsible.

It turn out later that the virus was a biological weapon to reduce the population, hitting Africa and African-Americans simultaneously.

Also when Ebola occurred, the same World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, told the world that bats are responsible for the spread.

Scientists have proved today that Ebola, known as hemorrhagic fever, has nothing to do with bats but is also a biological weapon.

Now the coronavirus has decimated the world and governments want people to vaccinate against this virus but because of the previous medical lies associated with HIV-Aids and Ebola, many are not interested in vaccinations.

Africa is the only continent among the other continents that has few vaccinations, yet the COVID death rate is very low, while many deaths have been registered in developed countries.

The disturbing factor is that people who have been fully vaccinated are also among the dead.

So, the people are now asking why Africa with less vaccination has experienced fewer death rates, why Europe and America that have fully vaccinated their citizens are dying in large numbers. This is a good answer but hard to explain since I am not a scientist.

It is because of this experience many are convinced that it is the vaccines that are causing the deaths but not the COVID 19.

Whether this is true or not God only knows. I have taken the three vaccinations but I am being forced to use a mouth mask, does this makes sense?

What is going on in the world today is something we can’t do anything about it because we now live in a terrible world in the hands of ruthless leaders.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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