Could Panyin be that woman?

Pregnant 0129 The man was happy, he too would be called a father at last

Mon, 27 Sep 2021 Source: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord

A woman dated a rich Ghanaian expatriate from abroad. And in their first and last meeting, in the plush rooms of the inn near the airport, they had not only cuddled and moaned for its lustful sake, but the copulation had sown a seed in her womb.

The man was happy, he too would be called a father at last. He had married three times but none produced the blessing he needed in marriage. He needed a child, a headache he battles before and after sleep.

So, if a one-night-stand with an unknown beautiful damsel comes with such a prayed for heavenly gift, who will not reveal?

The man invited all his neighbours, and they drunk and dined to the good news that will herald his fathership. Now, there will be an heir to his empire after his demise.

The woman was showered with all the material goods that will make a pregnant woman happy.

And when the man even travelled abroad, the two had a video chat every day, and the woman's stomach kept on protruding, well, in the motion pictures though.

Then, fast forward, when she was in her ninth month, the man's cellphone rang, he picked it, and said hello to his sweetheart soon-to-be a mother.

It wasn't good news after all. In a panicking voice, amidst crying and swearing words in the background, the woman said she was kidnapped, and for her ransom, the husband must cough out a whopping sum of two million Ghana cedis.

A man who loves his wife for the sake of the unborn child, against the advice of the security personnel who objected to ransom payment as it conflicted with the policing laws, the desperate 'wannabe' father paid every penny the kidnappers demanded.

This should give hope to the man who wants to welcome the cry of a baby in his home.

But the woman appeared three days after and was seen in a traumatising mood, she claimed to have been delivered of her baby by the kidnappers. And she was no more with the baby.

The man who had by now returned to his home country Ghana to comfort the woman in this depressing moment got into a swoon by this unfortunate news.

He was left in a stroke-fit and was told by investigators that all she said and played about her pregnancy was staged, faked, and to hoodwink the man for his properties.

It's rather unfortunate for the woman that even a first-year gynaecologist student can with scientific examination ascertain the truth or otherwise of a pregnancy. A test was conducted, and it was proven negative.

She only stuffed rags on her belly and covered it with clothes when she had the video call with the man, perfectly playing an expectant mother.

The woman was arrested and put before the court, and through investigations, her accomplices who acted as the kidnappers were found and jailed for life behind bars, serving as a deterrent to will-be offenders.

Justice was served, the money was retrieved, but the man couldn't fully recuperate from the stroke, and his days on earth were shortened by the haste with which he welcomed supposed good news from an unknown woman.

Moral Lesson

Have an open eye and mind to examine all that you are told before taking any action and in the acting too.

Columnist: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord
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