Cry or not, National Cathedral will be built – Rev. Owusu Ansah to opposers

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 Source: kasapafmonline.com

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Head of Religious Broadcast at Multimedia group, Rev. Yaw Owusu Ansah has asked persons opposed to the construction of a National Cathedral not waste their energies campaigning against the project as the House of Worship will be built at all cost.

The Akufo Addo led administration has sparked controversy and has come under a barrage of public criticism over the decision to build a national cathedral for the Christian faith. The move has been met with mixed reaction from the Ghanaian public.

The criticisms has intenified after it emerged that several buildings including the Scholarship Secretariat, Passport Office at Ridge and nine bungalows occupied by Appeals Court Judges are to be demolished as government is set to begin the construction of the House of Prayer.

Scores of other structures within that enclave including the Judicial Training School are also expected to be pulled down to make way for the 5000 seater state of the art cathedral which will also include a Bible Museum and a Documentation Centre.

Occupants of some of the residential facilities have begun packing out their belongings as they’ve been served with notices to vacate the place even as the Supreme Court hears the CPP’s James Kwabena Bomfeh’s application to halt the process.

Speaking on his morning devotion programme on radio Friday, Rev. Yaw Owusu Ansah stated that the cathedral will be built come what may.

“Whatever you do, the cathedral will be built, those who are crying should intensify their crying, the cathedral will still be built, it will be better for them to stop opposing the project. Once the decision has been taken, the Cathedral will see the day of light. When something is being done for one religious group, we the others don’t complain, but now that it is out turn, people are complaining.

“Come what may, the cathedral will be built. Jesus said, the poor shall always be there forever, it is not the building of the cathedral which will bring poverty to Ghana. Let’s all come together and build the cathedral to the glory of the Almighty God.”

Meanwhile, a Religious Expert and Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Willie-Golo has stated that constructing a national cathedral is not a priority for the country.

“What will be the purpose of a national cathedral, what purpose will it serve that other cathedrals that citizens who are believers if they choose to worship at other cathedrals will not be able to offer them? This is the primary question. I would think that for the Christian Community they don’t seem to need a national cathedral for anything and I suggest this should not be a priority for government to be spending resources in building a national cathedral. If you ask me personally I have my doubt if we really need a national cathedral at this point in time.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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