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Curse be upon the originators of Covid-19

Coronavirus913 Nemesis will surely catch up with inventors of coronavirus, no matter how long it takes

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Covid-19 has come to devastate not only the world's economy but the population. Many workers have lost their jobs. Many companies have collapsed. Many are those that have succumbed to the fatality of Covid-19 infections.

Covid-19 is not in any way a natural disease. It is certainly an artificial disease, fabricated by man for a hidden purpose.

Could it not be a research for biological warfare agents capable to tip the scales in favour of the inventor in the event of war? Could it not be a search for means to reduce the world's population which is assumed by certain talented powerful individuals and or countries that the world is overpopulated hence had better be reduced before humanity suffers population explosion?

Whoever brought about Covid-19, be they individuals or a nation, curse be upon them. They have sought to play God by seeking to control the world's population through death. They have been able to bring hardships upon the entire world.

Whoever brought about Covid-19 has made the virus a cash cow to be milked by them.

From the evidence laid bare before the entire world without conducting any detailed investigations, the virus started in China hence former American President Donald Trump teasingly called it the Chinese disease.

Hardly had it become public knowledge, killing people like falling houseflies sprayed with lethal insecticide, the Chinese started producing face masks, Covid-19 test kits, etc. to be sold to the rest of the world.

While it took the world by surprise, sending fear among both the developed and developing countries, the Chinese were heavily prepared and ready to fight the disease. They are still cashing in on the virus by selling the needed kits to the world. Could China be the origin and the Chinese the originators of the disease?

Could it be the Americans that invented the virus that was soon to send shockwaves throughout the world?

For the many souls lost, many jobs lost, many companies collapsed with international travellers being charged exorbitant but unnecessary Covid-19 “fit-to-fly” PCR test fees, it is simply right for curses to be invoked upon the originators of Covid-19 virus, whatever their motive is.

Covid-19 has not only infected loved ones but killed them. How wicked the inventors of the virus are!

Nemesis will surely catch up with them, no matter how long it takes.

The innocent blood spilled has gone ahead of the inventor(s) to complain to God how wicked some people playing God have curtailed their lives on earth and subsequently brought hardships and misery upon many in the world.

Wearing face masks in the tropical regions is in itself a death warrant. How difficult it is to breathe when behind the face mask. Uneasy lies the face that wears the face mask for preventing Covid-19 infection.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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