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D.C.O.P. Kofi Boakye- the epitomy of sanity and hope

D.C.O.P. Kofi Boakye, Commander of the Ashanti Region Police Force is man of many parts and a special character who acts as a protégée to the new police officers. He is an extraordinary character whose demeanor and level of communication skills makes him the special one. As a lawyer and a scientist, he operates within him, a complex web of wisdom that defines his rules of engagement; frank and precise with his work ethics and jovial in social circles. In a nation sand witched by high unemployment, sprawling inflation and high cost of living coupled with serious economic hardships, crimes of various forms have become the character of the day. As we speak, crime is relatively in check notwithstanding the operations of certain top notched armed robbers, prostitution is on the ascendency, land disputes have assumed gargantuan levels mostly spear-headed by certain disingenuous chiefs, 419 scandals are rife and so are ordinary theft cases. Besides the protection of life and properties, the discriminatory “ Dumso, dumso” electrical policy against the region is making police duties extremely difficult and exceedingly unbearable. The magnitude of these inherent problems and the complimentary efforts by the Commander and his lieutenants in thwarting the machinations of criminals cannot be allowed to roll without our commendations.

Kumasi is a cosmopolitan city which harbors all manners of people. It is a complex hub where criminals take refuge after their diabolical operations. Consequently, it takes more than good intentions to control the area and bring crime under appreciable levels under our current economic woes. How could the citizens of this area have been able to enjoy the peace under these gruesome economic circumstances without the prevalence of police force on our streets? Let me take this opportunity to salute the I.G.P, Mr Allassan for his initiative and drive of the Police Visibility Program, and D.C.O.P. Kofi Boakye for the way he has refined and managed police operations regarding the policy in the region. As we speak, everybody within the police force in the region including the Commander himself, “superman” participates in the program which involves night patrol duties. This attitude goes beyond management philosophy of leadership by example but epitomizes his inherent desire to ensure sanity and decency in his leadership role. What the institution requires of us as citizens is to be vigilant and feed the police with information on criminal activities in the area.

He is unique with unparallel human qualities having won the respect of the people because of his persuasive tendency and high level communication skills. Recently, when he wanted to curb activities of armed robbers who use unregistered cars with foreign plates and DV tags, he caused their arrest, educated them on the rules governing the use of DV plates and warned that any person who violates the law will be punished. Lo and behold, a friend of mine who has been using his car for 4years with DV plate decided to regularize his number plate knowing well that any antecedent violation of the law will be disastrous. This is a hallmark of excellence and police efficiency. When he displaced hawkers around the Suame Police Station, although their living hoods were affected, they still applauded him after having explained the cause for his actions. He is indeed a communication expert.

Kofi is a local blood who understands the dynamics of our culture vis-a-vis the politics around. He knows the conflict areas and the groups, and has always thrived to control them. Among friends, he advises them to stay out of trouble with a promise to assist when chastised unfairly by the law. He advises chiefs to do what is right as he would not succumb to any pleading when confronted with the law. To him, the law is the law which helps to redefine our social policies where people always hide behind the so-called ‘big men” to commit crime.

He is a leader of a sort and a protégée to the young police officers. He seems too obsessed with orderliness and sanity which are hallmarks of moral uprightness. He has created order and raised the ethical standards in the police service in the region. To many of his associates, he is too transparent which does not stand well with a lot of people. His monitoring of operational duties and their radios overwhelms many officers who are similarly fascinated by his tenacity to enforce the law.

As effective leader, he has been able to solicit public support to enhance police duties and also embarked on specialized programs to combat crime with the introduction of motorbike patrols. Through his ingenuity and influence, he has been able to engineer the building of a police station at Atwima Techiman by the Chief and his people. The people have further equipped the station with a pickup vehicles and motorbikes. He has received a lot of goodwill from institutions like Aboboyaa Ent, Utrak Financials, Kaakyire Agro chemicals, Enepa Agro Ventures, Nippo and ultimate Fashions only to mention a few in the execution of police work.

He eschews indiscipline in all forms by enhancing punctuality and stepping up intelligence building. He is admired for his non political posture and non involvement in land cases. To many people, this elegant lawyer and scientist who is characterized with charismas, and extra-ordinary qualities is a special one.

DCOP Kofi Boakye has a lot of able and efficient officers, and among them worthy of commendation is Supt Rev. Dr Nyamekye Adane-Ameyaw, District Commander of Asokwa and former Buffalo Commander for his bravery and sense of duty. I am humbled and baffled by his work ethics including his actions on the ground. His ability to resolve and deal with issues is unparallel coupled with his unimaginable bravery as a police officer to face danger. His recent adventure culminated in a head on collision and elimination of 4 (four) armed robbers on Obuasi Rd near Anwinankwanta Junction; He also eliminated 6(six) Fulani armed robbers at Ankwin Nwanta/Manso Nkwanta. Besides,the shooting down of 8(eight) others at Anwin Nkwanta/ Bekwai Rd is still fresh in my mind likewise the 2(two) at Ampabame on Ejisu/Konongo Rd. I was not surprised when I heard that he was shot during one of his operations because he is always in the thick of events like the ‘Superman’, DCOP Kofi Boakye. I guess they both love action infested areas.

It is indeed appropriate and rewarding to shower praises on deserving people for their sacrifices to humanity because their action come with a huge price. It is about time we redefined logic and common sense in our way of life to give meaning to our existence by honoring our heroes because a nation that fails to do so it not wealth dying for. Has anybody commended the I.G.P. for his initiative on the Police Visibility Program which has reduced crime drastically? Have we so soon forgotten the days when people could just attack you during day time and ask you to surrender your belongings? America works because they love their nation which honors them for their bravery, exploits and service. They are patriotic because they understand their history which enforces the element of sacrifice. What legacy are we bequeathing to the new generation? Is it one of nepotism, tribalism, greed or what? In today’s Ghana, it takes courage, belief and fortitude to do what is right in a nation of few good men without morality. To pursue excellence by enhancing one’s ethical behaviour towards the development of any group is a hallmark of greatness. Let us hope that we get many of such good leaders to champion the aspirations of Mother Ghana because it is a good thing.

Eric Edusei, va, usa. eric123946@yahoo.com
Columnist: Edusei, Eric