Daily Guide: Phobia for the EC

Haruna Iddrisu.png Haruna Iddrisu

Tue, 5 May 2020 Source: Daily Guide Network

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is manifesting symptoms of a phobia for the Electoral Commission (EC) and for that matter the 2020 polls.

Over the years, the party has never been scared of the electoral exercise because of the existence of a voters’ register contaminated in their favour and above all benefitting unduly from the largesse of managers of the election system. The ‘ehe edzo bodoo’ refrain (Ga for ‘easy sailing’ or ‘cold chop’) in street parlance was hinged upon this confidence that ‘all will be in their favour.’

With, of course, chairpersons and top staff of the EC in the heyday of the party ready to organize and stealthily so, special workshops for them they could afford to be confident and even display insulting hubris.

With such facilities no longer available and the replacement of the shameful system of previous times with state-of-the-art non-freeze gadgets in the horizon, the apprehension of the NDC is justifiable.

It does not matter whether or not Charlotte failed to do what they expected her to do for them during her momentous but brief stay at the helm she was a darling. She was ready to play ball but the odds were simply against her, not with IT savvy then opposition elements on the prowl to neutralise dirty manouvres.

Last week, the party, through their Minority Leader in Parliament, manifested a strange behaviour when from nowhere he demanded that the busy Electoral Commission (EC) appear before the House to brief the honourable members about what they have been doing towards the 2020 polls.

Having had their own Samuel Nartey George attempting to throw spanners into the works of the Commission, we find it amazing that the NDC would turn round to create the impression the Commission has been idling about even as the 2020 polls draws near.

The fear of a genuine polls taking place in the country, IT-driven, among other factors, is haunting the NDC to the point of psychosis.

Otherwise, why would the Minority Leader want to see the Chairperson in Parliament when she is busy with the rather challenging task of managing a general election in a country suffering a COVID-like opposition party?

If the NDC, leadership et al are interested in the EC doing their constitutionally prescribed assignments, they would not go on a useless and disgraceful gang march to disrupt an official business of the Commission.

We do not know what is going on at the Commission, but we can vouch that Jean Mensa and her team are busy working around the clock to ensure that Ghanaians are bestowed with a new voters’ towards the 2020 polls through safe procedures.

Source: Daily Guide Network
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