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Declare Aisha Huang a persona non grata in Ghana

Aisha Huang1.png Aisha Huang

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

For how long will Ghanaians allow a Chinese lady to take them hostage on their own soil? Ghana is indeed becoming a country overflowing with jokers, I must admit.

Some of those entrusted with higher positions to help manage the affairs of Ghana for the collective interests of the citizens are sorry to say, a bunch of nincompoops unworthy of the positions they hold. How on earth should they allow, or encourage that squinted-eyed young Chinese lady going by the name Aisha Huang to audaciously abuse the laws of Ghana with impunity?

For the sake of enjoying a Chinese vagina which is erroneously presumed to be small and sweet, excuse my vulgarism, but actually not different from that of any Ghanaian woman who knows how to maintain themselves, some absolutely stupid Ghanaian men in positions of power have allowed Aisha Huang to do as she wants when she likes, in Ghana.

She was once heavily involved in illegal and destructive surface and alluvial mining (galamsey) activities in Ghana. She had the shameless bravado to flout presidential directive banning illegal surface and alluvial mining, all with the support and encouragement by some so-called powerful men in Ghana.

She has been able to build a strong network of protective security personnel and top government functionaries around her hence her flagrant disobedience of the ban placed on illegal galamsey activities by His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Having been deported to her home country China for the offence of disrespectfully continuing to engage in galamsey as though, no ban had been placed on it, she has still found a way around it to sneak back into Ghana to pursue the same illegal activities. What does she take Ghanaians for? Does she not take us for complete fools which of course, is yes?

This reminds me of my late cousin, Akosua Saah, who in those days in France used to say, “Tu prends ma con con” which is actually, “Tu me prends pour un con”, to wit, “You take me for a fool”.

Aisha Huang is indeed taking all Ghanaians for fools all because of some irresponsible government officials and security operatives that are captivated by the alleged sweetness of the Chinese vagina to allow her to get away with blue murder and to always wriggle herself out when the noose of the law closes on her neck.

Now, I hear her defence lawyer Effa Detteh say she is married to a Ghanaian man and that the charges preferred against her are minor. She is charged with engaging in illegal mining without licence and buying minerals without licence. If the charges are minor to end in her freedom, why not add entering the country illegally while banned, and again, using false documents to obtain Ghana papers and residency?

If in the end, it turns out that the offences are still not strong enough, but misdemeanour, I will advise the judges to order the withdrawal of her Ghana card and residence, deport and ban her from re-entering Ghana.

Her alleged Ghanaian husband can go and live with her in China.

In advanced western countries, repeat offenders or criminals who are not native but naturalised citizens are deported to their countries of origin after serving their prison terms. Therefore, Aisha Huang, now faking her identity as Huang En, should be deported to her native country China after serving any prison sentence to be given to her.

We should not continue to allow this criminal to terrorize Ghanaians, behaving as though she is a native citizen of Ghana.

If any Ghanaian were to commit the crimes being committed by Aisha Huang, in China, that person will have become a ghost long time ago.

If the soft loans China is giving to Ghana is the reason for Chinese nationals behaving criminally in Ghana with impunity, spoiling our water bodies, virgin forests and arable/fertile lands, then we should cease taking those loans for water is worth more than the loans being taken.

Water is life so also are fertile lands and forests. Why should we allow the Chinese to destroy them in the name of the soft loans we get from them? Are we that stupid and myopic as human beings to allow foreigners to come and destroy Ghana for us?

All those that are until now facilitating Aisha Huang’s crimes against Ghana are to be arrested and prosecuted. They are nation-wreckers.

Finally, there must be a timeline for the prosecution of criminal Aisha Huang aka Huang En. Her prosecution should not be unnecessarily delayed lasting for years. It must be done and dusted within two months or less.

All those Ghanaians facilitating her crimes against mother Ghana are fools, to say the least. “They no go die better”, as a Nigerian will say in their pidgin English.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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