Dishonesty is collapsing most Ghanaian businesses

Opinions Most business men and women try to outsmart themselves

Mon, 9 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

Most businessmen and women in the country are not faithful to each other.

Why most Ghanaian own businesses don't last and stand the test of time, is because of unfaithfulness, lack of transparency, and honesty missing in their business transactions.

Most of them think that they are smart and intelligent to outsmart themselves.

Crediting a businessman or woman with goods or products to sell on a credit basis, and refunding back the money after-sales, is allowed in business.

Is not every businessman or woman has the financial capabilities or locus to go and purchase goods or products to come and sell.

Also, it is not everyone who has collateral to go for a bank loan, to start and expand his or her business.

Definitely, they must support each other business-wise, for each other to stand firmly, but their enemy dishonesty does not permit successful business transactions among themselves.

The business communities are enemies among themselves, for most of them owe one another, with a huge amount of money, which most have deliberately made their minds not to pay one another.

This had made a lot of businessmen or women incur a lot of debts and bad debts, for their capital have been locked down by their creditors.

This has resulted in huge debts surrounding most businessmen and women.

Most of them have lost their capital because of debts. Some also run away with others' goods and monies.

Apart from dishonesty among themselves, one major problem that is collapsing Ghanaian businesses, is the workers they employed some of them are very wicked, corrupt, and thieves.

It is either they will steal small or big from their employers to go and establish their own business.

The only way that can make Ghanaian businesses stand tall is honesty.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large