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Do White men’s countries’ leaders steal money to deposit them into African banks, unlike the reverse for African leaders?

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Sat, 8 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Who among you Africans or Ghanaians reading this publication has ever seen, or heard about, any white man’s country’s president or prime minister stealing his/her country’s money to deposit it into their personal secret African country’s bank accounts?

On the other hand, who among you has not ever heard of rumours, about some African leaders and African citizens stealing their countries’ money to deposit them into their private foreign bank accounts, especially, in the white man’s land?

If the two questions posed are answered in sincerity, one will find many people saying they have no faintest idea about white leaders stealing their countries’ money to deposit them into their private African bank accounts if at all, they can steal money and do have private bank accounts in Africa. However, many will either claim knowledge of or heard rumors about, African leaders and politicians stealing their countries’ money and stashing them away in their personal bank accounts abroad.

If the answers are correct, then it goes to tell how stupid and the myopic majority of our African leaders and politicians are.

Some of the monies they steal and hide them in foreign lands are eventually loaned back to African countries at higher interest rates, as though the monies are from the white countries. The same monies deposited in the white men’s countries are used to develop and create jobs for their citizens at the expense of Africans and their African countries from whom and where the monies were stolen in the first place.

Most black African leaders are embezzlers of public funds and state assets. That is an indisputable fact. However, what boggles the mind is why they don’t invest the monies in their country as their own but courier them abroad for hiding. Does that make any sense?

They do so in the hope of not being seen in the eyes of the public as thieves, although they are known to be corruptly amassing illegal wealth at any least opportunity they get.

Does their attitude of siphoning their country’s money into their private bank accounts abroad not tell volume about how wicked, selfish, and utterly stupid our African leaders that is?

The money that could have been used to develop our individual African countries are stolen, taken outside the country, and eventually loaned back to us at exorbitant interest rates when we go abroad to seek loans to develop our poor African countries. We end up being saddled with heavy national debts, becoming engulfed by indebtedness to place us at the whimsical mercy of the whites.

The money that could have been used to create jobs for the youths is stolen by a few people entrusted with running the affairs of the African nations.

Is it right for our African leaders to throw us under the running wheels of the world economy instead of being on the economy train?

I am just as guilty as you are, for us sitting down on our lap doing absolutely nothing sensible to reverse the deplorable infatuation with stealing and hurtling abroad to hide the money, by our voracious leaders.

As white leaders are more intelligent and always think about the collective interests of their citizens, they will never dare steal their country’s money to put into their private bank accounts anywhere in the world, let alone, in Africa.

To conclude, I shall advise our African leaders not to be so insatiably greedy to cultivate a taste for stealing. And, if they did steal, they must invest the money in their own countries in their name.

They are simply coming across as a shame to the womb that conceived them, concluding from their propensity to steal and run to hide the money so stolen abroad.

How can this stinking mentality of the African leader be changed? Until it is changed, Africans and their African countries are doomed for eventual destruction.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo