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Do not sack Ayisi Boateng - TESCON pleads with Akufo-Addo

The leadership of the Tertiary Education Students Confederacy(TESCON) of the NPP has launched a plea for mercy for the Ghana’s embattled Ambassador to South Africa, Goerge Ayisi Boateng.

The group is calling on President Akufo-Addo to disregard calls from the opposition NDC to relieve Ayisi Boateng of his responsibilities as High Commissioner over his somewhat unsavoury comments. They believe the opposition is only being hypocritical about the issue.

In a statement signed by 18 past and present executives of the student wing of the ruling NPP, they expressed complete pride in Ayisi Boateng for always having them and the NPP family in mind, even though they disassociate themselves from his comments.

"We hereby want to make it known to the public that we are proud of H.E Ayisi Boateng not necessarily on the comments he made, but as a ring us of hang TESCON members and the NPP party faithful as a whole in mind," the statement said.

They believe the apology from the embattled High Commissioner is enough.

Read below the full statement:

We the past and present Executives of TESCON have observed with worries and displeasure about the action and stand of the opposition in relation to H.E Ayisi Boateng's statement.

It is crystal clear that the opposition party is putting pressure on government to sack H.E Ayisi Boateng for his comments made during a meeting with TESCON members on the issue of reserving Job opportunities to NPP Party faithful before considering any other Ghanaian.

On the 25th of November, 2009, Mahama Ayariga made same comments during a press conference, that the President had urged all government appointees to give job opportunities to NDC members before any other.

His comments were not condemned and Mahama Ayariga did not resign from his post as a Communication Director by then.

Now the tide has turned, they are accusing H.E Nana Addo of drafting and endorsing a letter for *'Onipa Nua'* to publish. The man has come out to apologise for the unfortunate incident after a 'sober reflection on his coments', yet the opposition seems not to be impressed by the action taken by H.E Ayisi Boateng.

We the past and present executives, hereby urge the president not to take any hasty decision to impeach H.E. Ayisi Boateng from his duty post. We hereby want to make it known to the public that we are proud of H.E Ayisi Boateng not necessarily on the comments he made but assured us of having TESCON members and the NPP Party faithful as a whole in mind.

It is our plea to the public to accept the apology and retraction of the comments made by the high commissioner to South Africa and move on in life.

Source: ananpansah b. abraham
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