Do the enemies of Twene Jonas think he is an illegal immigrant?

Twene Jonas776 Twene Jonas

Sat, 16 Oct 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Do the enemies of Twene Jonas think he will do what he does if he is an illegal immigrant?

Many Ghanaians because of their stupidity have actually make Twene Jonas, the controversial anti-Ghana government campaigner, popular than the president of Ghana.

It’s even funnier to listen to videos on social media claiming they are working towards the deportation of Twene Jonas. Who are you to negotiate with the US government or whatever to facilitate or demand the deportation of Jonas?

I listened to one senseless video recently, the one claiming Jonas went to America on a tourist visa with Turkish Airlines and so what?

African illegal immigrants in any foreign country, especially developed countries, don’t expose themselves.

They know the difficulties to travel from Africa to Europe or America, pertaining to visa issues, so once they arrive they try their best to be calm and often isolate themselves because they don’t want to be in any trouble to avoid deportation.

Therefore, it is never likely that Twene Jonas is an illegal immigrant. If he is, he will never expose himself in videos in such a manner to have that fame and popularity.

This is not a matter I will prolong; those that are claiming they will let Jonas be deported are not stupid but chronic liars.

Columnist: Joel Savage