Opinions Sat, 5 Jan 2013

Doe Adjaho Is The Speaker

By Sena Semekor

Contrary to sponsored propaganda carried during the holiday by some media houses especially, the state owned ones that the race for the post of Speaker of Parliament is largely between Ken Dzrasah and Obed Asamoah can not be true. Incontrovertible information chanced on indicates that it will be Honourable Doe Adjaho, currently serving as the Second Speaker of Parliament. Our source has collaborated the earlier information gleaned from the Presidency which throws weight behind the ace lawmaker. In fact, popular opinion within the seat of the government and the ruling National Democratic Party (NDC) is absolutely in support of Doe Adjaho who is a Member of Parliament elect for Akatsi North Constituency.

Critical to the choice of a Speaker is ones pedigree and the content of his résumé within the context of Parliamentary duties. It’s being suggested that amongst the names being floated around as possible successors to the post of Speaker is Doe who has an undoubtable worth of experience to superintend over the legislature. “Let me tell you, in this country if any one is well inform about Parliamentary duties then its Hon. Doe Adjaho”, said one of the sources. It is believed that for over two decades that he has served at the House of Representatives he acquired unassailable experience which no government in search of Speaker could ignore. Besides being a lawmaker, it was also gathered that the scion to the coveted post was a public prosecutor. During the crucial years of the defunct 31st December revolution Hon. Doe was one of the few young lawyers that remain at post to serve the interest of the public. His commitment to public duties saw him discharging his duties excellently and was on the job for quite some time whereas most of his contemporaries chose to quit for private practice and flew outside the country in search of greener pastures. It would be recall that when the announcement by the current Speaker of her desires to relinquish the post, there was a spontaneous clamouring for Hon. Doe Adjaho as the possible replacement. Colleagues of Hon. Doe from both sides of the political divide who spoke to the paper pointed out that he is a non negotiable candidate to the post because they are of the opinion that he has acquired depth of knowledge and remarkable experience which no serious minded government would allow to go untapped. Having serve as a Member of Parliament and also double as Deputy-Speaker of Parliament has afford him tremendous opportunities to understand the intricacies of the activities of Parliament. “He (Doe) is one individual who has managed to stay long in Parliament and was very active by serving under the committees that he is being tasked to. His hard work and passion for the legislature makes him a natural successor”, said a Member of Parliament.

It was being insinuated that the other contenders of the Speaker position are “outsiders” and superfluous in relation to current Parliamentary practices.
Columnist: Semekor, Sena