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Don’t be amazed by George Ayisi Boateng’s comment – Kwakye Ofosu

Felix Kwakye Ofosu, the former Deputy Minister of Communication under the Mahama-led administration says, Ghanaians should not be surprised by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr George Ayisi Boateng‘s comments.

Mr George Ayisi Boateng on Sunday, 29th, October, 2017 publicly stated that his priority as a government representative in that country is the members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) before any other Ghanaians.

”It should not surprise anybody. Mr. Ayisi Boateng’s statement has sent shock waves through many Ghanaian homes, but unfortunately, we cannot look back and say that we were not warned. The NPP has a long-standing history of perceiving them as superior even though they are inferior in many ways.”

He said that, the ruling NPP have extremely partisan and parochial view of governance. Whenever they are in power, state resources and power ought to be subjugated to individuals, they have done that over the years.

According to him, ”NPP were the first to introduce this culture of packing state institutions with party loyalists and sacking anybody they believe not to share their philosophy adding that they did that in 2001 and harass many Ghanaians working in public institution to earn a living.”

Mr. added that, ”Even in opposition in the last eight years, they gave ample notice of exactly what they will do if they win power. It does appear that Ghanaian electorate perhaps overlooked those clear red flags and warning and still voted for the NPP.”

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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