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Don’t hate Rockson Adofo for your frustrations and perceptions of corruption against NPP

NPP Flag 610x375 The writer does not want to be associated with any political party

Thu, 9 Jun 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

This is the second time within a space of about three weeks that two Ghanaians within the same office block as I am, but in different departments, have unreasonably vented their frustrations on me, Rockson Adofo.

They are not my friends. They are not my work colleagues since we neither do the same work nor work for the same employer. Each of the three of us does a different job and works for different companies.

I had already written about the first incident hence will not talk about it in this publication.

On Tuesday, 7 June 2022, a Ghanaian that I am friendly with and often chat merrily together when we have time, did approach me at the time that I was getting ready to rush to my post after a short breakfast break. As soon as he saw me, he greeted me, and could see him about to strike a conversation with me.

I told him I am sorry I need to rush back to work as I had about four minutes left. As I was about to move, he quickly asked, “what is the owner of the Consolidated Bank?” I said, Ghana. He then asked, who owns the UniBank? I told him, “I am in a hurry and need to go or else, I shall be late for work”

However, I quickly answered, UniBank does not exist but it’s part of the Consolidated Bank and it belonged to Dr Kwabena Duffour. He then said, “I have remitted home money but for the past five days, they have not released the money to the recipient. They keep saying they are having network problems. How come?”

He continued to say, “write about it”.

Just at this point, I was left with two minutes. I told him, I am almost late so I have to go. Just at saying this and turning to walk away, hurrying to my post, he angrily shouted, “You NPP, you are very corrupt! Look, you are walking away because it is your party and Dr Duffour is from your town”.

You could see his face, how he was extremely angry as though, I had directed that his remitted money be not released to whomever he had sent the money to.

What has his money not been delivered in time got to do with NPP or Dr Duffour?

I find it totally absurd on the part of those Ghanaians who, when they ask me to write about an issue and I tell them I have not got time at that moment, will simply attack me. They always think I don’t want to do it because it impacts negatively on NPP.

They see me as NPP so they decide to shamelessly insult or attack me for all their stupid reasoning.

I see all those behaving as such towards me as little-minded individuals. Have they not got a head, brains, two hands, two eyes, two legs, a mouth, etc.; same as Rockson Adofo has? Why don’t they write whatever they think about NPP themselves?

Rockson Adofo is not paid to write anything, bad or good, about any political party or person. He does so voluntarily and at his own volition and pace, according as he sees things and evaluates them in terms of their impact on Ghana and the citizenry.

I don’t condone any acts of corruption by any political party or whomever.

This person who has wrongly attacked me thinks I don’t want to write about his predicament because Dr Kwabena Duffour is my Kumawu compatriot and again, I belong to NPP.

The fact that I have volunteered to be the voice for the voiceless does not mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry has the absolute right to compel me to write for public consumption any issue or problem they bring to my attention.

For public notice, Rockson Adofo is not a political fanatic. He is not an NPP activist who will protect them if they were seen to be corrupt. He wields a double-edged sword that cuts on both sides.

I don’t draw any wages or salary from NPP so why will I protect them when they are doing anything wrong? Why again, will I attack them if I don’t have the facts and proof that they are involved in malpractices of some sort?

Ever since NPP came to power, I have never approached them for any favors. I have not asked any top member of the party for a job for any of my family members, friends or schoolmates. None of my family members has personally benefitted from NPP except for the general benefits like free Senior High School (SHS) education that the whole nation is enjoying. Even on this, none of my family members is availing themselves of that opportunity. Most of them are abroad and those in Ghana are all gone beyond the SHS age.

Therefore, I am not a sycophant for NPP to sing their praises if I find them to be doing wrong.

If people can be that irrational to insult or attack me out of their overflowing fountain of frustrations, they had better not come to me to ask me to write about this or that. They cannot dictate to me what I should write about and what not to.

Keep your frustrations away from me as I have my own load of burdens to bear or deal with!

If I were to insanely hold grudges against anyone, it is the NPP that I shall. They are very ungrateful. How they have cruelly treated one of the people that played a decisive role in their election 2016 victory, without whom, as among a few those, John Mahama and his NDC, would obviously have rigged the election for themselves. As soon as they won the election, they pretended not to know him or had ever seen him.

My heart bleeds for that person. He is currently not well. That is the level of the ungratefulness of NPP who behave like the proverbial chicken that scrubs its beak on the ground just after eating or bite the very hand that feeds them.

I will not discuss anything further but to plead for those who approach me with their requests not to attack me if I am unable to assist them at that material moment.

Why should I help anyone at the expense of my job that feeds me?

Please, go away with your partisanship, political polarisation and spiteful attitude towards NPP all for your selfish and parochial interests.

To say I am highly infuriated at the behaviors of those two people who have attacked me for no justifiable reasons is an understatement.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo