Opinions Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Don’t ignore the petition on the allegation of forged certificates before you

Dear Prof. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah,

Some of us thought that, the recent issue(s) in UEW which saw the dismissal of the former VC and other officers from office as a result of misconduct cum the criminal violation of the public procurement Act,2003(Act 663) by these officers was going to be enough in weeding out criminal elements in UEW. It appears that, there are other issues we need to tackle before UEW would be cleansed once and for all.

I am happy that, after Kofi Supi Kwayera lawsuit that got Avoke and the likes thrown out of uew, a private citizen who has fortified himself with section 1 of the whistle blowers Act,2006(Act 720) has mounted a serious petition before the UEW governing council chairman seeking to have the current UEW registrar criminally investigated for forging birth certificate and his O'level certificate which gave him the opportunity to be employed as a registrar.

Let it be known that, "forging" a document is a criminal offense under section 164 of the criminal offenses Act,1960(Act 29) and for that matter, the UEW governing council chairman shouldnt overlook the substance of the said petition which was filed on last week thursday by one Enoch Gyetevi Ahorlu.

The same alacrity the Uew governing council chairman had when he constituted a special committtee under section 7(2) of Uew Act,2004(Act 672) to investigate Avoke and the likes, he should have same in this regard to prove his fairness in dealing with issues in UEW.

Again, the governing council chairman should be seen to be fair and that can be demonstrated when the issue is given all the needed seriousness and the consideration it deserves. Mr Paul Osei Barimah is alleged to have presented a forged birth certificate and O'level certificate for his recent status in uew. Sir i have a lot of trust in you as a respected chairman of the governing council and i know you wont let some of us who supported your actions against Avoke and others down. I hold you in a very high esteem because, i see you as an activist who is an advocate for the right to be done in accordance with what is generally accepted. I am pleading with you to deal with the matter before you in the utmost interest of UEW without any consideration because, It is an issue which borders on criminality.

Some of us are still alumnus of Uew and in so far as this status has not been impeached, the failure on the part of the council to deal with the matter would force some of us to bring an action against the accused. Let me pause here and then save my energy for more actions.

Dawda Eric(Equity)

Citizen Vigilance for Justice

UEW alumnus

10th December,2018
Columnist: Dawda Eric