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Don't subscribe to idiotic activism and ruinous political populism

Oliver Barker Vormawor Oliver E1645494624690 Oliver Barker-Vormawor, Convener of the #FixTheCountry Movement

Fri, 18 Mar 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

In Ghana, political activism appears to have bestowed on people the right to threaten the peace of the country with impunity. Sadly, however, those threatening the peace of the country, if they did not have their way, often get the support of some easily-misled people.

When certain people for their parochial selfish interests and beliefs are pursuing a hidden agenda, they make it appear as though they are doing so in the greater national interest just to get a large following.

In Ghana today, many cunning individuals hide behind the obviously polarised politics in practice in the country to make utterances that have the potential to destabilise the nation if care was not taken.

When such people make their audacious but clearly preposterous public statements and are called to account for their irresponsible behaviours, they begin to invoke abuse of their human rights as their defence.

They often get less-informed Ghanaians and populist politicians or political parties to rally in support of them.

How on earth could a Ghanaian studying at the prestigious Cambridge University in the United Kingdom for his PhD, Oliver Mawuse Baker-Vormawor, threaten to cause a coup d'etat in Ghana were the electronic transaction levy (e-levy) be approved by Ghana parliament and expect to get away with it?

How populist, partisan and stupid could he be?

Can he ever dare threaten the peace and government of the United Kingdom with such nonsense because new levies are about to be introduced or prices of goods and services have gone up and expect to get away with it in the name of human rights?

Can he even get on any public transport, thus, train, bus or aeroplane and shout to be carrying explosives in his rucksack or holdall bag that he will detonate if the government did not rescind her decision to implement an intended policy and hope to get away with it?

He will be lucky if any armed police officer around at the time does not gun him down even though he may be joking and does not mean his threats.

The police will not have time to investigate to ascertain the veracity or falsity of his claim but to take him out in the interest and safety of the public.

Therefore, all those always rallying in support of crafty individuals pursuing their selfish political and parochial agenda had better be careful and wise up.

Why should you threaten to cause military usurpation of power because a government has decided to raise revenue by a method you disagree with?

The fact that you slyly seek the chance for the political party you support to come to power does not mean you should threaten the government in power and the country with a coup d'etat.

I wonder how some people, especially those in the NDC, think they are born to be heads but not tails hence must always embark on subversive actions to regain power whenever they find themselves in opposition?

A member of parliament, a baby with sharp teeth of course, courtesy to the late and former President J. J. Rawlings has been able to stupidly make many Ghanaians believe that President Nana Akufo-Addo bathes and eases himself in the air. This is the reason for him patronising an expensive private jet with such facilities as a toilet, bath and bed whenever he travels abroad.

By such continuous feed of lies to the Ghanaian public, dishonourable Okudjeto Ablakwa, MP for Tongu North Constituency or whatever, has been able to turn some Ghanaians against the president and his NPP government.

On another occasion, journalist Mensah Thompson lied about a friend or family member of President Nana Akufo-Addo flying the presidential aircraft to London for Christmas shopping in 2021.

The military came out to inform the public that Mensah Thompson's claims were totally false since the aircraft had not been airborne for a long time.

The military subsequently requested for his arrest by the police to come out to submit proof of his assertions.

When he got arrested, he told the public he was simply lying to them all for the attainment of his political objectives.

Why should such rogues not be arrested and put before the courts, could any rational being please tell me?

Ghana politics indeed sucks with such daily lies fed to the public amid display of sheer acts of malevolence.

From the malicious way democracy is being practised in Ghana, one step forward but two backwards and overwhelmingly overflowing with populism, blatant lies and propaganda and corruption, Ghana will never develop to any appreciable level to acquire us respect in the eyes of our contemporary whites.

More fire to come from Rockson, the proud and fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa, once his laptop gets powered.

Nobody can build Ghana better for us than ourselves so l shall not subscribe to the peddling of lies by political idiots for their idiotic motives that will eventually cause the collapse of Ghana, my country of birth.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo