Double salary for six years: The former GSA boss, Dr. Crentsil, must go to prison

Dr. Crentsil GSA Dr. George Ben Crentsil is a former GSA boss

Sun, 15 Aug 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Submitting or providing inaccurate documents to receive double salaries and also receiving ghost workers' salary, are two common crimes in many African countries.

On Friday, August 13, 2021, a similar story pertaining to this crime involving the former Executive Director of Ghana Standards Authority, Dr. George Ben Crentsil, appeared in the ModernGhana news.

According to the report by the Auditor-General’s Department, Dr. George Ben Cretsil, between January 2011 and January 2017 received double salary-related allowances of GH¢342,068.70.

As a matter of fact, if there is a proper law in Ghana, the former director should be prosecuted and when found guilty, he must go to prison because this is a very serious crime.

Before a country like Ghana will be successful, we don’t need only effective leadership, the country also has to depend on an effective judiciary system to fight corruption.

Such a judiciary system doesn’t exist in Ghana, therefore, politicians and government officials commit crimes with impunity, leading to the collapse of a country that has the richest resources, yet there is no progress.

In accordance with the law of any country, if one commits a crime, he has to face the law and when found guilty, that person has to serve his sentence as a prisoner, yet in Ghana, no politician or high government officials, involved in corruption are sent to jail.

According to the report, this is not the first time; the former GSA boss is involved in such a crime. In another development, he was alleged to have taken an amount of $1.2 million from a construction company, Lemet, when he awarded them a contract to build a new school during the NDC administration.

Ghana is not only a miserable country but also hopeless because it’s totally impossible for that nation to progress when its weak judiciary system has failed to fight against corruption and put criminals behind bars.

The system has been like that for decades because from the Chief Justice to the common lawyer, everyone is a criminal.

Ghana's judiciary system even though is deeply corrupt, they don’t have any sympathy for the hungry goat and chicken thieves. They are experts in giving those thieves 10 years in prison.

Dr. George Ben Crentsil, the former Executive Director, has to face the law and be sentenced to prison. Until the right thing is done, Ghana will graduate to be the most corrupt nation in the world.

I even feel embarrassed to introduce myself to anyone that I am a Ghanaian because Ghana is a hopeless country without a future.

We should have given Trump applause when he referred to our continent as a "Shithole Nation."

Columnist: Joel Savage