Dr. Daniel Ato Aidoo applauds Ghana-US agreement

Sat, 24 Mar 2018 Source: Isaac Eshun

Dr. Daniel Ato Aidoo, Policy Analyst for Kra Consult, has commended Ghana's Parliament for ratifying the Ghana-US military agreement, describing it as a victory for international cooperation and democracy.

In a Facebook post christened 'Ogyakrom Diary: Congrats to Ghana's Parliament ", Dr. Aidoo said.

"Sovereignty is about having ultimate authority over a territory, with the absolute right to govern. A sovereign state governs itself, independent of any foreign power, with the full authority to make war or peace and to form treaties or alliances with foreign nations".

Dr. Aidoo said 'Kwesi Pratt & co. can take over the noisemaking and continue an orchestrated /deceptive agenda against the government of Ghana', saying ' I have many questions for them, some of which I will keep for a later date".

He wrote "Pratt should explain to Ghanaians his "marriage " with the Polisario Front aimed at challenging Morocco's sovereignty. A "marriage" sponsored and blessed by Ex. President JE Atta-Mills. An architect of fragmentation that Pratt is, he is also part of the reason as regards CPP's dwindling popularity in Ghana'.

He said "Pratt should explain to Ghanaians his 'love-hate" relationship with the US. Why he left the US? And when was the last time he visited the States?".

Dr. Aidoo said Ghana will move on with or without these disciples of falsehood, biased commentators who present themselves as neutral pundits, but are, indeed, scaremongers.

"The government has a mandate, and it should not avail itself to critics who are still working on a new dictionary of politics for the Ghanaian people', he advised.

He was of the opinion that "It's time discerning Ghanaians stood up against this nonsense from loquacious and hypocritical cadres determined to change the rules for commonsensical international engagement".

"This government will not, and has no desire to shortchange the good people of Ghana. And there is a reason- it believes in the power of the people", Dr. Aidoo concluded.

Source: Isaac Eshun
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