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Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s Letter! – Part 3

If Stones Are Burning In The NDC,

Then The Trees Must Run Fast For Safety – Part 3

“The errors of the Past must be corrected in order to re-establish the confidence of our people in a secure future. The 31st December revolution was carried out purposely for this reason” – J.J. Rawlings – February, 1982. Politics is not for those who grow beard, but for any body with a head on his torso.

We must adopt Positive Defiance if we think that People in Authority are not convincing because the NDC is a Living Vehicle which is housing all the Revolutionary Organs. Cast your minds back to 1982 during the PNDC era where we had the slogan “We No go Sit Down Make they Cheat Us Every Day”. However, 30 years today 2012, some dangerous species, moles and wolves in sheep skins have infiltrated the ranks of true NDC members with a misconceived agenda to vilify, assassinate and finally create gigantic confusion in the ruling NDC government through dubious means by parading themselves as the True Friends of Atta Mills who are prepared to die with him if he should die unfortunately – but God forbid. Frankly speaking, we did not wage the 31st December revolution for ourselves; we rather waged it for our children and the next generation. You see, grey hairs are signs of wisdom, but if grey haired men and women should go down the gutters with wild unsubstantiated allegations, vilifications, character assassinations and attempts to eliminate patriotic men like the National Chairman of the NDC as well as destroying the hard won reputations of some known patriots like Merss P.V. Obeng, Ato Ahwoi, Kwabena Ahwoi and Totobi Kwakye who were all true revolutionaries from the 31st December revolution to date 2012. Then we must start raising eye brows and sit up and find a revolutionary solution to them in order to combat these green eyed destructive infiltrators parading the Corridors of Power within the NDC government – it is now or never, we must smoke them out like rats and make them transparent for all Ghanaians to see the sort of black hearts they have in their cursed bodies. I was in the trenches with them since January, 1982 to date and we deserved Laurels And State Awards, we had none. However, when Ex-Prez. Kufuor took over from Rawlings in 2001; he awarded known Tax Dodgers during his administration. These four Patriots have opted to let their sense of maturity and better judgment to prevail even though they are aware of those behind the attacks and felt inclined to take on their supposed detractors, but thousands of Cadres including this writer can not sit down and allow any group of people to Vilify our Heroes by behaving as if the NDC government belong to them and so they can do what they like for if we sit down, it will descend from the Top to the Bottom and destroy us too. They lie bad. We shall not allow any group to introduce the unproductive tribal war between Akans and Ewes into the NDC in order to satisfy their selfish and individual interests either. These four Senior Cadres have no hand in the Woyome Scandal either, so their integrity is 100% intact – no two ways about that.


When the erstwhile Committees For The Defence of The Revolution (C.D.R’s) were seriously organizing the people of Ghana in preparation for a constitutional rule after working around the clock to establish the District Assemblies in 1987/88 and finally convinced Jerry Rawlings to become the flag bearer of the NDC in 1992 for the general elections, the Party colours of the NDC were Black, Red and White representing June 4 and we added the Green Colour to give the party a New Direction hence the NDC is heir to June 4, 1979. The NDC is now 20 good years today 2012 as a formidable Political Party, so where from the so-called New NDC ever since Prez. Mills was inaugurated on 7th January, 2009? Ghanaians need an explanation from Madam Hannah Tetteh, General Mosquito and other Party Members who hatched that secret plan to wipe off the Rawlingses and their Cadres from the NDC by Managing the Political Force of Rawlings from the NDC as far back as 2008, and if this is not a Gigantic Political Treachery of the highest order, then I don’t know what it is. This so-called new NDC is full of some few character assassinators, stomach politicians, lazy goons, professional anarchists, fifth columnists, rumour mongers, academic undesirables, tribal bigots, false praise singers, sycophants, professional liars and opportunists, sculp hunters, confusionists, experienced self seekers who are so individualistic that nothing stops them from destroying innocent patriots in order to project themselves as Angels in the eyes of the powers that be in order to Amass Wealth and Kill the NDC Party but they lie bad, now that the cat is out of the bag, we shall pick them like snails on the ground and expose them in a manner determined by June 4 and the 31st December Revolution – A Big Disgrace Awaits Them All, Let them dare. Some people must be Sacrificed in the NDC in order to ensure Prez. Mills’ victory at all cost in 2012 because it will be a BIG HARAM for him to become a one term President – “Double Tofiakwa!” for if you don’t help to build, please don’t destroy. 1) People must stop blindly supporting Mr. Alfred Woyome otherwise they would be seen by the public as crime sympathizers. 2) People must stop condemning Mr. Alfred Woyome blindly by describing him as a Criminal and a Thief – it is a lie because nobody is a criminal or a thief until he is proved guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Mr. Woyome is now facing trial in court, we must let the court to decide his fate where he will rather expose all those he fed like his own children in this country for 8 years and they are now calling him a thief and a criminal – oh! Yes, this is Ghana for you.


Let us rather allow the court to decide his fate. All the concerns raised by Hon. Dr. Kwabena Agyei in his letter to the President dated January 10, 2012 and copied to the Founder of the NDC are all FACTUAL and it represent the Voice of the Masses in the NDC and so the yet to be convened meeting must be in a frank and open manner, and people must accept their short comings and patch up to enable us quickly seal the cracks in the party which must end with a THOROUGH HOUSE CLEANING EXERCISE in the NDC to sweep away the rotten eggs and we also Winnow the Chaff from the Millet in order to make the NDC vibrant for a final show down with the NPP in 2012. However, if this crucial meeting is White Washed or brushed aside we, the real wielders of power at the grassroots will under take our own house cleaning exercise by clearing away all those wicked, selfish and arrogant government appointees that are contesting the Parliamentary elections for 2012, leaving the President with a HUNG PARLIAMENT dominated by the NPP! When this happens the President can no more say that he is Slow but sure, because the NPP majority will keep him jogging constantly for the remaining 4 years until he hands over in 2017. The President should not blame us because some of his arrogant appointees do not want to accept the fact that without the support of the people, they are nothing. The President can jog because he is a sports man. We must either sink or swim together. I will explain this decision in detail in the final part of this article. So keep your fingers crossed. Is any body listening? I am done. Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii.


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement