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Dumsor is an inherited mess


March 1st, 2017

AFAG is disappointed that the cycle of erratic power supply seems to be dawning on Ghanaians again. The situation is however not surprising because, in the latter part of 2016, many energy experts projected that Ghana is likely to face fluctuating power supply in 2017 because of the expedient short-term tactics the previous government resorted to in addressing this national crisis.

Prior to the 2016 general elections in December, the NDC government assured Ghanaians that the energy crisis had been fixed. This was evident in the constant supply of power during the heated campaign season. However, a couple of months after the elections, Ghanaians have somewhat reverted to the default mode of experiencing persistent power cut for long hours.

In the last few weeks, several parts of the nation have experienced severe power fluctuation in both residential and industrial areas. This dreadful power crisis is one of the messes inherited by the current government. This fact must not be downplayed. The immediate past Energy Minister must tell the Ghanaian taxpayer the whole truth about the situation of the NDC government left the power sector.Â

The heavily indebted energy sector with the net debt of approximately US$2.4bn as at December 2016 is a major challenge the new administration would have to surmount to solve this problem. Another horrid inheritance the NPP government would have to manage as best as possible.Â

AFAG wishes to further state that the continuous operation of TAPCO in the last quarter of 2016 when it was due for maintenance was not a prudent decision. The choice to keep TAPCO operating just to keep the lights on for campaign purpose and therefore delaying the necessary maintenance work to be conducted was a nasty political decision for political gains by the previous government.

Moving forward, the Energy Minister must come out clearly to update us on the current state of the power sector. AFAG challenges the Minister for Energy to give some clear roadmap and timelines in solving this issue.

Finally, It is imperative for the Minister of Energy to explain to the good people of Ghana the reasons behind this Saturday 25th February deadline.


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