E-Levy conundrum: The insincerity of politicians is worrying

Akufo Addo Sad Mood President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Sun, 6 Mar 2022 Source: Osei Tutu

In 1995, when the then NDC government wanted to introduce the Value Added Tax (VAT), the NPP party, while in opposition, opposed it vehemently. It even embarked on series of demonstrations against it, which resulted in the death of some people.

While the NPP was opposing the tax, its leaders had it at the back of their mind that, when the party comes to power, it would make use of the revenue that might accrue from it.

And indeed, when the NPP party formed the government in 2001, it never abolished VAT. It rather used another means to even increase the rate by way of the National Health Insurance Levy.

Again, in 2008, when the then NPP government wanted to introduce the Communication Service Tax, the then opposition NDC party opposed it with all the energy it could marshall. Yet when it came to power in 2009, the NDC government never abolished the CST but made use of the revenue that accrued from it.

Fast forward to 2022. The NPP government wants to introduce E-Levy to raise more revenue to develop the nation. The Opposition NDC party is opposed to it.

I am not worried that the NDC is opposed to the E-Levy. I am personally opposed to it myself. I am worried by the insincerity of the NDC party in their opposition to the Levy.

While opposing it, the leaders of the NDC party have it at the back of their mind, that if the NPP government is able to pass the bill, it (the NDC party) will not abolish it when it comes to power in future, but rather make use of the revenue that would accure from it.

It is this insincerity that worries me. Otherwise, I am with them in their opposition to the E-Levy.

Columnist: Osei Tutu