E-levy passage: Why minority's walk out was the best decision

Supremo Mensa The writer, Supremo Mensa

Fri, 1 Apr 2022 Source: Supremo Mensa

1. Tuesday, 29th March, 2022, adds up to the saddest memorable days in Ghana's history. Ghanaians were faced with a Government bent on an insensitive demeanour to at all cost, force E-LEVY, a recessive tax on them.

2. Sadly, Ghanaians including some NDC members have availed themselves to be used as agents propagating the narrative that our ardent NDC MPs have failed the citizenry, with some making the case that the NDC MPs have been bribed thus claiming both NPP and NDC are same. This is absolutely false. The NDC MPs again fought massively for the people of Ghana and this is why:

4. The NPP from the seat of presidency decided to trap the NDC MPs with the commissioning of the Tamale Interchange by inviting MPs in the Tamale enclave thereby reducing Numbers of the NDC MPs in parliament. Though this ploy couldn't work, it was an eye opener to the game of tactics ahead.

5. Mind all the happenings were a well calculated plan by the ruling government to get the E-LEVY passed. Therefore it wasn't coincidental ( never be lied to) that Supreme Court adjourned hearing of Assin North MP injunction suit to 29th of March.

6. The arithmetics of what happened showed that, the majority caucus had 136 members in the chamber and 1 NPP MP ( the sick Ahanta West MP) in the waiting to be smuggled in as soon as voting was in session. The NPP approached the issue in an cunning way to trick the NDC they (NPP MPs) are 136 in order to coy the minority side to hang on with the voting.

7. With the information that the Ahanta West MP has been brought to Parliament in an ambulance, leadership of the minority had to device superior win-win tactics to fight for the ordinary Ghanaians thus the walkout.

8. The minority side had 136 and there was no way to prevent a 137 majority side from passing a bill aside a walkout. A 137 MPs present couldn't have formed a voting quorum to vote on a bill (referencing page 19 of the Supreme Court Ruling on Justice Abdulai vrs. Attorney on March 9, 2022.). Hence the passage of E-LEVY bill was simply unconstitutional and illegal.

9. I have heard some people on NPP side making infantile argument that Hon. Quayson cannot hold himself an MP hence reducing total number of MPs to 274. This is a palpable lie since there is an injunction to that effect at the Apex Court which has not been brought to finality. Admitting the previous statement were true, the majority side of parliament exhibiting their ignorance decided not to bring the sick Ahanta West MP to the chamber after the minority staged a walkout. Meaning the majority caucus went ahead to pass the bill with 136 MPs. Can we therefore ask them, the half of 274 MPs they are using in their infantile argument.

10. Whichever way, whichever side you may choose to look at the situation, the E-LEVY is illegally passed and will be reversed. In fact this is the best opportunity to bring finality to the biased presumption of the Supreme Court Judges by testing the law with their less than a month ruling; a perfect precedent. The Judges of the Apex Court who ruled on the Justice Abdulai vrs The Attorney General case have brought us to this quagmire and it is now their responsibility to extricate themselves.


Columnist: Supremo Mensa