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EC charged to address challenges in voter register

Mr. Isaac Kwasi Apatsea, a Human Resource Development Practitioner, has charged the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana to address the challenges in the voter register to ensure a free and fair referendum for district level and unit committee elections slated for December 17.

His appeal comes on the heels of accusations by some eligible voters that the EC had allegedly deleted their names from the register.

Some voters have also argued that their names were transferred to other polling stations without their knowledge and express consent, following which some voters have threatened to institute action and restrain the EC from conducting the said elections.

He noted that even though the EC is mandated to conduct elections in Ghana, it can be sued and can in turn also sue, and, therefore, must conduct itself properly in order to avoid injunctions.

The Human Resource Development personnel advised the EC to come clear on what the referendum is all about in reference to Article 55 (3), and Article 243 which seeks to limit the powers of the President regarding the appointment of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), as well as empowering voters to voters to elect persons into positions of trust at the local level through elections.

Mr. Apatsea further appealed to the EC to work hard to secure enough funding to make its job easier and voter friendly, referring to the delay of the previous district level elections four years ago as a result of an injunction.
Source: thechronicle.com.gh
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