Opinions Sat, 4 Jun 2022

Ei…TT, hmmm

Ewa eee….It’s unfortunate how the plot is ending. Very unfortunate.????

Candidly, it is not that Ghanaians are not struck hard by your sudden departure from our midst. No, not all; they feel sad but truth is that because they were quick to paint a devil of you because you were courageous to overcome your ego to call for help they’re lost to which path to choose to express it.

The SADDEST part of it is; even the “Showbiz media” have FAILED to honour your efforts in the industry with even ‘common publication of your funeral and possible tribute on platforms (none that I have come across as at this morning) let alone to engage a conversation about you like was done for others.

TT, you’re a star praised in silence in death. Hail you! Perhaps, in your going, you’re playing your famous character ‘The Taxi Driver”! Yes, it seems you died a ‘Taxi Driver’ way: the death that do not make news.???? One of the ironies of the drama of life! Yeah!

But you know what? For me, you are a LEGEND. A true legend who perhaps wasn’t paid his worth: the artiste who gives a true description of the state of our Creative Arts industry—fame without money.

If it is what the long gones have said, then ”Tsulɔ Kpakpa, okɛ nyiɛmɔ jurɔ” till we meet again.

Columnist: Oswald Okaitei
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