Election 2024: NDC must invest in results monitoring and collation than campaign

Hoisted NDC Flag NDC needs to prepare towards election 2024

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 Source: Amadu Hadi

The end product of an election is results, But getting authentic and satisfactory results depends on the party's ability to monitor the process, collate the results, transmit the results, and analyze the results.

Looking at what happened in the last election (2020), it seems the national democratic congress party focused more on the campaign than the 7th December event. Yes! The campaign strategy was well structured and executed but the finishing was poor.

I guest very useful lessons have been learned, and going into the 2024 'do or die' elections, the NDC party leadership will pay more attention to the 7th December events than spending hugely on campaigns.

Before the 2020 elections, I wrote extensively on the qualities of polling agents needed for the election. example; committed party members with HND, degree or master's and at least understand our electoral process. Training of agents must be intensive and last for at least a month.

Poor selection and training of agents, unreliable and ineffective method of transmission of results and lack of vigilance caused us a painfully accepted defeat.

A little more effort on the above could have given NDC a clear Victory.

But as the say goes; a man who fights and runs lives to fight another day with a new strategy. As we advance toward 2024 elections, I wish to suggest the following master plans;

1. The party must Never boycott any IPAC meetings

2. The party must ensure that the EC does the right things going into the elections

3. The party must intensively train committed and highly qualified polling agents. Example degree holders and above

4. The party's strongroom must be properly organized and equipped with efficient IT tools for results monitoring and collation.

5. The party must establish well-equipped regional and constituency collation centers. ( Regional and constituency strongrooms). This will help the party monitor and collate its results at those levels before comparing them with the EC collated results.

6. Ensure that committed, educated and well-trained polling agents are deployed to polling stations.

7. The party must acquire results collation and transmission tools for polling agents. For example; smartphones, document scanners etc.

8. Results from polling stations should not be transmitted through TEXT codes. Pictures of polling station results must be taken and sent to the constituency strongroom through WhatsApp or any other proper means for comparison and onward transmission to the party regional strongroom.

9. The party through its agents must not focus on the results of NPP and NDC. Polling station results for all the political parties must be taken seriously and well recorded and collected as such.

10. Agents at the national collation centre should not hurriedly announce or jubilate even when NDC is on a clear Victory path...

Ghanaians are ready to give us the mandate again in 2024 but we must demonstrate our readiness to save guard their votes. What's the essence of spending huge sums of money on campaigns if you cannot properly collate your results?

Columnist: Amadu Hadi
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