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Embezzlement, pride and arrogance caused NPP’s fall – Former Vice Chairman

Former Central Regional Vice-Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Joe Donkor has blamed the party’s massive loss in parliamentary seats on embezzlement of campaign funds, pride, and arrogance exhibited by some government appointees.

“When you’re the party Chairman in your constituency and you end up being appointed as the DCE or MCE, it means you have to take care of those within your jurisdiction. But some of them ended up becoming smaller gods overnight. They won’t even come out of their vehicles to greet the elders in the community,” he said on Kastle Drive with Amansan Krakye monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

Out of the 23 constituencies in the Central Region, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won 10 seats as compared to 2016 when they had a majority of 19 seats in the region.

Stating why the NPP lost 9 parliamentary seats in the Central Region in the just-ended general elections, Mr. Donkor said some party members refused to disburse funds meant for work in some of the constituencies.

“Some people were hiding monies that have been given to be used for party work at the constituencies. Some people only share with those that they are close with and ignore the rest. When you don’t pay those polling station executives well, how would you win?” he asked.

Mr. Joe Donkor added that some parliamentary candidates are filled with pride to the extent they do not allow senior executives to correct them when they go wrong.
Source: My News GH
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