European-American political students can fix Ghana better than Ghanaian politicians

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Sat, 6 Nov 2021 Source: Joel Savage

It’s hard to describe the psychological state of many Ghanaians in that country after years of being denied proper human-living conditions and facing a severe unemployment crisis.

As a result of hardships, insecurity, political and economic woes, many Ghanaians see everything that is going bad in that country, including politics, as success.

If about 40% percent of Ghana’s population, would get the opportunity to travel to the developed world, surely, they will know how wicked and uncaring Ghanaian politicians are by giving support to the popular anti-Ghana politics campaigner, Twene Jonas.

Why has the Ghanaian government failed to solve the needs of its people despite being one of the African countries with abundant rich resources?

Are the politicians educated? If they are, what did they study or inspired them to become political students? I need to ask these questions because, in Ghana, any influential person that lacks education can enter into politics.

There are many reasons European and American students decide to study politics to be politicians. For example, many go deeper into politics because they are looking for a change, after analyzing the list of problems and inequalities affecting various communities and the people in general.

As political students, they study hard and learn various strategies and solutions capable of dealing with those issues, thus; you mustn’t be surprised over how successfully Europe and the United States of America for decades continue to run flexible and sustainable economies for the comfort of its citizens.

Why this is not the case in African countries, including Ghana? Like a recruited police officer inspired to join the police force to take bribes, about 90% percent of Ghanaian students enter into politics to enrich themselves, it is, therefore, not surprising within the shortest period, Ghanaians politicians are rich.

Since the majority of Ghanaian politicians were inspired into politics to get rich, they don’t have the knowledge and leadership skills. They are only there to represent the people but they don’t know their political duties, that’s the main reason there is no progress in a rich country like Ghana.

Once, I did mention this topic, if through an exchange program, African political students will get the opportunity to study political and economic enhancements in Europe and America, while and European and American students also come to African countries, they can be able to fix our countries within some few years.

European and American political students can provide useful skills and ideas required in leadership to easily fix Ghana than Ghanaian politicians because that’s what they study at schools, while Ghanaian political students study corruption.

Imagine the wealth of the Director of Communication, Mr. Eugene Arhin, within a relatively short period he joined politics. Later his wife was forced to lie that his husband doesn't owe such properties.

Surprisingly, he is still in politics, under the NPP government that claimed to protect the public’s purse. Ghana has a long way to go despite what the country has.

Ghana may likely be in this position forever until the country gets real leaders ready to sacrifice their lives for the people and the country. This is rare because politics in Ghana is inspired by corruption.

Columnist: Joel Savage