Even after all, the bees in Ghana are efficient than the politicians

Honey Production In Ghana Honey production in Ghana is lucrative

Wed, 23 Jun 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Human beings are above every living creature, therefore, it is not logical to compare a human being to an animal or an insect but at times, the need to analyze the activities of intelligent insects, such as bees and ants is necessary.

According to entomologists, bees started producing honey about 100 million years ago. Many people, including Ghanaian politicians, add the sweet delicious honey to tea, spread it on bread and some used it as a form of medicine to soothe coughing.

However, has any Ghanaian politician asked this silly question, “How can the bee, a common insect make honey for me to enjoy, yet I can’t create jobs to make other people happy?

Frankly speaking, the efficiency of certain insects, such as ants, and bees, can't be exaggerated. They are super-efficient, more active than lazy people.

The bee collects pollen for the first production of honey from flowers and trees. After the flowering of the first honey plants, the scout bees actively search for sources of nectar and then return to the hive.

It is because of the laborious tasks of collecting the nectar, bees need to fly long distances. After about three to four weeks, the bees start producing honey from the hive.

If Ghanaian politicians are not corrupt but industrious, efficient, and productive, like the bees, Ghana would have been like Dubai, six decades after independence.

The Vice-President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, made this promise when he was seeking votes for the NPP during the campaign. Today, the filthy condition of the country looks like Ajegunle, a slum site in Lagos State.

Ghana has gold, diamond, timber, bauxite, cocoa, oil, and many other resources, yet Ghanaian politicians can’t great jobs for the common people.

The same resources that are exported to foreign countries engage many people in the production fields and also sustain their economies.

For example, Belgium doesn’t plant cocoa; however, in 2018 alone, the country exported 649,000 tons of chocolate products, earning 2.6 billion Euros.

Is this not an embarrassment to a cocoa planting country like Ghana? Ghana harvests cocoa, yet the country can’t even boast of chocolate factories. Ghanaian children are deprived of enjoying a bar of common chocolate, in a country, the raw material is harvested.

The young Ghanaians are the country’s most important source of human capital and the key to achieving sustainable development. Surprisingly, the youth can’t benefit or contribute to any form of development in the country because of the lack of employment.

Ghana has a long way to go because many of the politicians have no sympathy and integrity.

The creation of jobs and attention should be paid to the situation of the poor masses, by the government to overcome their own poverty and destitution of their families.

Columnist: Joel Savage