Fix challenges with Free SHS – Goski Alabi to government

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 Source: starrfmonline.com

The dean of the Centre for International Education and Collaboration at the University of Professional Studies, Professor Goski Alabi wants government to take keen interest in the challenges that have greeted its flagship Free SHS policy.

According to her, the move by government needs to be lauded considering the many lives it will touch.

She has, however, warned the success of the policy will depend on how quick government addresses teething problems of the policy.

Professor Alabi wants the source of funding of the policy to be given critical attention to ensure sustainability.

Speaking at the launch of her book, ‘Managing for Excellence in the Twenty-First Century – The Total Quality Approach’, the professor in Total Quality Management (TQM) said, “The Free SHS is a very good policy and a good policy should be promoted and supported by all the citizenry to ensure that it is workable and sustainable”.

“But of course we have to learn from the Dumsor experience and ensure that whatever policy we are introducing now, is not just an ad hoc measure, it is not just a short term measure but we have done the requisite analysis to understand the potential failure that are likely to occur and that we have the right preventive mechanism in place,” she stressed.

She added: “We are all aware that the start of the program wasn’t easy; there were lots of speculation about the fact that where to get the money from was not really clear. We don’t need to behave if all is well when in actual fact we are not too sure about where the money is going to come from for sustainability.

“So it is important inasmuch as we embrace it as a good policy, as a policy that has to be supported, we also have to be realistic and think about potential failures and the issues of sustainability. We also have to ensure that in implementing this policy we do not compromise quality of Secondary education in Ghana”.

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Source: starrfmonline.com
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