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For the fear of blackmailing, Ghanaian leaders are allowing Chinese galamsey kingpins to commit crimes with impunity

Galamsey 1 610x400 Galamsey in Ghana

Sat, 24 Sep 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

I have been hearing and reading with utter dismay about Ghanaians’ inability to bring the Chinese to order, regarding their wanton destruction of the nation’s water bodies, virgin forests, and arable/fertile lands. They are audaciously into the illegal surface and alluvial mining called in the local parlance as galamsey.

They have no iota of respect and fear for the presidential directive in place banning illegal galamsey that has devastated and continue to wreak havoc on the ecosystem of the country. “An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life.”

They are destroying the landscape, water bodies, the weather, forests, etc.; all in their heartless exploitation of gold and other mineral riches of the country to the detriment of Ghanaians.

I have been made to understand that the Chinese females and their agents and assigns are holding obnoxious sex videos on some Ghanaian political leaders, powerful traditional overlords, and some top military/police personnel that they are using as a trump card against them to silence them into submission while they viciously carry on with their illegal surface or small scale mining.

If it is true that they hold such video tapes which they dangle in the face of the unnamed irresponsible past and present government ministers, traditional overlords, and security personnel, to subdue them into silence to just watch agape while they happily unrestrictedly destroy the ecology, then God has mercy on Ghana.

Is it not said for every action there is a reaction? The government ministers and other top officials should have known better than by being promiscuous, going behind the back of their wives to engage in extramarital affairs with these Chinese women, there was bound to be a heavy price to pay. They had put their credibility on the line.

Why should the nation and majority of Ghanaians suffer, paying the price for the libidinal enjoyment of these disgusting and senseless officials? Why should we sit down and watch as if we are without brains in our head while the Chinese females are using their private parts, vagina, so to speak, to woo the hearts and minds of our myopic, corrupt, and sorry to say, useless leaders, to gain unrestricted access to the nation’s virgin forests, big rivers, and arable/fertile lands in search of the mineral endowment to destroy them as and when they like?

Is it not said, “Don't do the crime if you can't do the time"? If the leaders were concerned about the fear of being exposed to their nakedness, why did they go into the Chinese women at all? Were they out of curiosity craving to enjoy the alleged small, tight, and sweet Chinese vagina that may be the same as their squinted eyes?

Let me emphasize to those irresponsible Ghanaian leaders facilitating the Chinese chances of destroying Ghana in their search for selfish personal wealth that it is not a crime to go into another unmarried woman according to our Ghanaian culture. Therefore, they should not be disturbed when exposed to Chinese women having sex with them. Just that they have been stupid to have allowed these rogues or vermin to secretly or consensually film them while in the process of enjoying themselves sexually.

Should Ghanaians for the sake of saving the dignity of the top officials involved in consensual sexual activities with the Chinese females, the principal among whom is Aisha Huang aka Huang En, sit down doing nothing while the Chinese are empowered to destroy our nation beyond repair? No, no, and no!!!

If they become convinced that we shall forever be protective of the officials concerned hence doing nothing to stop their destruction of our rivers and lands through their galamsey activities, they will forever be emboldened to do worse to the land than they are doing now.

I had heard how some of these Chinese had had the boldness to even kill some Ghanaians who had attempted to stop them from destroying their lands. Can any foreigner do what the Chinese are doing in Ghana, in China without being shot dead by their authorities?

Why are Ghanaians in their ensemble behaving as lowlifes to allow the Chinese to take us for a rough ride, if not enslave us, in our own country? Are we that stupid, if I may ask?

I hope the Attorney General will expedite the prosecution of Aisha Huang or her impersonated Huang En without the usual unnecessary postponements bordering on corruption to finally throw out the case. Fast track her prosecution and that of all her associates, or accomplices including her supposed Ghanaian husband.

I am monitoring how things pan out with regard to Aisha Huang/Huang En and all those arrested Chinese rogues.

Any government official or security personnel helping the Chinese to destroy Ghana is a fool and a disgrace to the womb that conceived them.

Ghanaian youths, please, arise to save your country from the hands of greedy bastards before it is too late.

No more destruction of our water bodies, forests, and arable/fertile lands.

Let us rally together and behind Odike to wrestle mother Ghana from destruction at the hands of those rogue government and traditional leaders as well as corrupt security personnel.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo