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Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, criminal’ SALL, Hohoe situation

Franklin Cudjoe, the President of IMANI Africa has described as ‘criminal’ and ‘inhumane’ the incident that voters in the Santrokofi Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi, (SALL) towns being disenfranchised in the December 7 elections.

Franklin Cudjoe who claims to hail from one the towns has constantly lamented how the Electoral Commission deliberately deprived voters in those communities of their rights to elect a member of parliament in the just ended polls.

In the latest of his lamentations, Franklin Cudjoe said that the situation should not be encouraged.

He alleged that ballot papers for parliamentary election were printed for the communities, however, the EC, acting under the influence of unseen hands decided not to allow the people to participate in the national process.

In a series of tweets, Franklin Cudjoe said that no lawyer with the right conscience should be defending the actions of the EC.

“Truth be told, what happened in Hohoe is criminal and what happened to SALL is inhumane. No decent human being should be seen encouraging such”.

“Ballots were apparently printed for Santrokofi, Lolobi, Akpafu and Likpe to vote in Hohoe. Then on the eve of Dec 7, the EC through the connivance of vested interests issued the most barbaric order to these human beings not to vote” his tweets read.

The situation in Hohoe has been described as a classic case of gerrymandering by Alhaji Suhuyini, the Member of Parliament for Tamale North.

“ I’ve said, if the presidential outcome gives you a certain figure, which could have changed the parliamentary outcome if it were added or if the people were given the opportunity to vote, there is only one conclusion you can make out of the refusal – and remember the EC chose to carry out this announcement on the day before the election, 6 December, 2020 when everybody was busy and not looking – clear gerrymandering, clear unfairness, injustice that amounts to a threat to our democracy”, he asserted.

“What would it have hurt, what would have gone wrong if they had allowed the people of Guan to vote [in the] parliamentary [polls] in Hohoe just as they were allowed to vote in the presidential attached to Hohoe? What would it have changed?”

The National Democratic Congress is contesting the legitimacy of Peter Amewu’s election as MP for Hohoe and secured a temporal injunction against the MP-elect.

The Supreme Court has served notice it will today, January 5, 2021 deliver its verdict on whether Amewu can be sworn as MP on January 7, 2021.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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