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GAKE, I bring you answers to your questions

Katakyie (GAKE), On a Silver Platter I bring you answers to your questions

It is so sad and demoralising to hear empty barrels making the most noise, especially, when some of them claim loyalty to a party that the sensible people of Ghana belong to, the NPP. Mr Katakyie Opoku Ageymang, what happened to the money that was raised in London and given to you to return to Ghana with and establish a farm? Huh? Tell the NPP delegates and your Alan who you are or is it a manifestation of the British saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together”? When you had nothing to come home to, you were saved with a donation for a purpose, which you spent on indulgence, then you have the audacity to sit somewhere and question people’s integrity and accuse us of worshipping Nana Akufo Addo for our own parochial interests…balderdash!!!

I am inclined to believe that some people really do not see beyond their noses and even then they have to really wince. Katakyie, by asserting that the majority of NPP supporters love Nana Akufo-Addo, you have clearly acknowledged and confirmed the incontrovertible truth that he is the most popular leader in Ghana today. However, what is your beef with these same supporters if they have chosen to worship him, when you are guilty of same of Alan “the resigned” Kyeremanteng? Suffice it to say, though, that Nana Akufo-Addo is not worshipped by the large masses within the NPP and without but, on the contrary, he is loved unconditionally. He is the leader whom delegates will whole-heartedly dole out their votes to for no gains at all in mind – just for the love of GOD, country and him.

Calling them boot-lickers is so shameful. It is a sign that your unpreparedness to debate issues is exposing the shambolic state of your camp. Are you not a boot-licker for Alan? In fact you have licked his boots so many times over and over again that your image reflects in them. On this note, you ought to know that “What is good for the goose is good for the gander” and each person has the right to revere and love the candidate of their choice and for the reasons best known to them. Your failed character, Alan, is unpopular and that speaks volumes about his unamiable characteristics. Maybe, he is an “ok” person to be around but your vile propaganda seems to be bringing him nothing but disfavour, discomfort and hatred, so do him a favour - shut up and allow the man to salvage the little face he has left.

You asked how the millions of Nana’s supporters could substantiate the strange reasons why “the most popular, tried and tested, marketed, experienced and incorruptible politician of our time”, NANA, has had his votes depreciated. I say to you that the indicators are that Nana Addo’s popularity exceeds the 70% threshold and that only bedevilled personalities like you cannot see the way to redemption. If your plan to twist Nana’s arms into accepting Alan as his running mate goes through, you now will revert to the conclusion that “oh it is campaign but the eventuality of it all is that we are kukrudites”. Let me assure you that that will never happen because, I can tell you right now, Nana will never drop Dr Bawumia whom you people hate with a passion based on tribal bigotry. Another SHAME!

The NPP delegates are wise people. They have overcome the bounds of tribalism and are focused on national unity and cohesion to win the 2016 elections massively, so burst your bubble and be free because you are trapped in a smelly environment. Without further deliberations, you, I and all do agree that Nana won the elections in more than two regions but then what ensued is history and we are now moving on. You are crying for John Mahama because, as it were, there are some fishy links between him and Alan, so it is just normal to feel soft for your perceived financier. If those allegations are true, then you must know that you are partakers in the crime of ruining Ghana’s economy.

You raised some points, highlighted in black, to which I offered you my answers on a silver platter:

? “The delegates therefore need to choose a candidate who can attract votes from the floating voters. In this sense, the delegates should fish out what the floating voters usually look out for. These include humility, vision, charisma, character, competence, likeability, calmness, posture etc”, you said. With regards to the floating voters, they have already landed in camp. Nana’s affability, wisdom and humility have been established beyond reasonable doubt. What the floating voters look for, as you stipulated above, are all traits inherent in Nana Akufo-Addo and it is inarguable. His house is open to all and sundry, so is his office. He is a receptive and caring person, who has the time to sit with people individually to confer on matters, even if they are on personal notes. He is liked, in fact loved, by all who know him and have heard of his sterling attributes. He is competent in everything that he does: the best lawyer in neo-times; successful business man being the first person to bring the mobile phone service to Ghana via Mobitel (now Tigo). Calmness and patience are a compound attribute that no one beats him to, hence his new title “Abotare wura”. Charisma – he draws the crowds wherever he goes unlike the pathetic attendance Alan et al get whenever they come calling.

? His posture and attitude always reflect the situation at hand. Where seriousness is required, he is; where playfulness is needed, he is light-hearted; where casualness is expected, he is as casual as his younger brethren. In fact, he even is a good soccer player and an agile red-carpet personality. His etiquette is well tuned and has the necessary decorum for all occasions, so it is no wonder that where high manners are expected, Nana goes and Alan stays.

? His vision and competence have given him the impetus to save the nation the hurt that would otherwise emanate from sticky situations, hence the air you breathe today that might have cut off should he not have gone to court or should he not have instructed his people not to disturb the peace. His exact words were, “I WILL NEVER LET GHANAIAN BLOOD SPILL OVER MY AMBITIONS TO BECOME PRESIDENT”. Would Mr Resigned (Alan Kyeremanteng) have done same? I don’t think so, especially when he has greedy egoists like you in his camp, unfortunately.

? “You want someone who will reduce the number of rejected ballot”. If people make mistakes when voting and ballots are rejected, what problem is that of Nana’s? You are so poisonous that you attribute any negativity to him. Is it not the business of the EC to educate people on the manner of voting as it certainly is yours as an NPP member? Maybe because it is Nana who is running, you couldn’t be perturbed with teaching the electorate within your jurisdiction how to vote. Baloney!

? “They should choose a candidate who will relate well with the Electoral Commission (EC), but not be at loggerheads with it, because the EC is the election referee”. He is never at loggerheads with the EC but rather has very good friends in there. He is just striving to make the system much better so that posterity will never have to go through the pathetic turmoil that we are enduring now. Your submission on this matter is a clear indication that you are selfish and quite unpatriotic to the Nation. Your children will judge you for that.

? “A candidate, who is without so many controversies so that the party can focus and sell its campaign message”. What controversies? The lies that buffoons from your camp have attached to his name? Calling a respectable person, as Nana, all sorts of names? Not a single person now and before has ever been able to point an accusing finger of corruption at this man – NEVER. He is someone who was well raised in his home and made his money before being in government. What are Alan’s attributes? Where did he get his money from that he wants to pay executives a monthly salary with? Instead of spewing rubbish, reflect sombrely and you will realise that you are lost in a dump site with no seeming way out. Wake up!!

? “A candidate, whose utterances and those surrounding him would bring unity in the party and the country”. It has been an established fact that when you were chanting war songs in 2012, Nana refused to plunge the country into chaos, hence the peace you enjoy now, yet you maintain your chorus just to vilify him. All the mantra that we repeat as kukrudites are misconstrued and primarily by indecorous elements in our midst like you. Are your utterances not gravely detrimental to the unity of our party or is it the case that you are allowed to talk rubbish but others are not allowed to speak the truth? Your words are venomous and you shall be neutralised.

? “A candidate, who can resource the party's Polling Agents well so that they can protect the ballot papers”. Whose responsibility is it to resource the polling agents? Is it not our party? Yet in 2012, Nana organised the payment of polling stations and financed it. Your blindness is killing you. This happened in 2012 and you probably were a recipient of his favour but are now snarling at him because Alan might have offered you one bone more.

? “A candidate, who has a clear vision for the NPP and Ghana within the next decade”. But you have heard his mission and discerned his vision. Everyone knows that coupled with the brain storm, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, NPP and Ghana will turn around and progress. With NDC the nation has relapsed into irredeemable regression and so have you, seeing that your sense of analysis and comprehension has vacated your brains.

? “A candidate, who acts as a bridge between the young and the old, that is, neither a young-man nor old man”. Your sleazy attitude in this sense is regrettable. In comparison to Nana, Alan seems to be an unenergetic drag-along quite like a deflated balloon, limp and flimsy. Please, stay away from that tangent because I can list his health status with copies of check-up results that will devastate everyone.

? “A candidate, who has visible achievements in both private and public life”. What are Alan’s achievements? Suffice it to say that Nana is an ace lawyer with international reputation having trained the best lawyers in Ghana. He is an astute politician, revered wherever he went in this world, currently being referred to as the most influential political personality and leader in Africa. He is a shrewd businessman who did not resort to corruption to amass his wealth. So what is your point?

? “The country now needs an innovator, business developer, human resource developer, international diplomat, lawyer cum economist, who can create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth”. What have been Alan’s successes in the fields you have mentioned? He may have nice attributes but stops short of Nana’s uncountable achievements. Employment for the youth? Where is he tested? Business developer? What business did he develop that Ghanaians are aware of? Human resource developer? What lectures is he noted for in this regard? Lawyer? We do not need to visit this once again because everyone knows that Nana is the best lawyer Ghana has produced in recent times, no offense. International diplomat? And is that something to be proud of when his was an appointment rather than a career post?

? In fact Alan will be a dilemma upon Ghanaians and especially the NPP electorate should he be given the falgbeareship but I am confident that the delegates have their eyes on Nana and will certainly dole out their votes to him selflessly.

I concur with you that “may GOD bless Kufuor” but in this context it is irrelevant as you are portraying that he is taking sides. Leave our oldman alone and do not drag his name into your dirty internal politics. We all love Kufuor so stop the insinuations now!!!

I conclude by saying that no matter who wins the race for the flagbearership, I Fadi will support that person with all my ability because finally the NPP is bigger than all of us and this is what Nana Akufo-Addo teaches us. This is referred to as HUMILITY, which I doubt exists in your books

Inshallah, it is “No Nana No Vote”……SHEI NANA, SHEI BAWUMIA”.

SGD: Fadi Samih Dabbousi

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Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi