Opinions Wed, 20 Sep 2017

#GHHeritage debate on Founder’s Day: Dr. Nyarko outperformed Dr. David Percy

I critically watched and analysed the debate that occurred between Dr Kingsley Nyarko, Executive Director of the Danquah Institute and Dr David Percy, a member of the Socialist Forum who was also a leading member of the National Reform Party(Flagbearer, Mr Goosie Tanoh) which broke away from the New Democratic Congress (NDC) around the year 1999.

It was organised by GHone on the topic "Does Ghana Have Founders or a Founder?", and was moderated by Mr Kafui Dey.

Dr Nyarko spoke for "Ghana Has Founders" while Dr David Percy spoke against it.

I must first applaud GHone TV for organising such an enlightening debate which sought to clear the doubts in the minds of people concerning whether Ghana had a founder or founders.

After evaluating the points raised by both Dr Nyarko and Dr David Percy to support their stance, I will conclude without being bias that Dr Nyarko totally outplayed Dr David Percy.

Aside Dr David Percy making so many historical errors, he also totally deviated from the main point of the discussion. He looked very confused, and fumbled a lot due to his might be intellectual guilt of pushing non factual.

Dr Nyarko on the other hand was very objective, calm and on point. His mastery over the topic for the debate was exceptional.

He played to the gallery of the issue on board, and was more critical and analytical with the facts.

In fact, Dr Nyarko has not only brought intellectual glory to himself, but also to the Danquah Institute he represented on the show, plus the University he lectures.

He has really proven why the Danquah Institute made no mistake with his appointment as the Executive Director of the Institute.
Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa